Creme brulee - help please!

chris160179, May 29, 1:55am
Just tried making creme brulee for the first time and I don't think it's worked! It's been in the oven on 140 fanbake for 30 mins and it's wobbly on top but the underneath is still liquid. I'm thinking I didn't thicken it enough before I put it in the ramekins. I whisked for ages, but nothing really happened. Can I rescue it or is stuffed?

awoftam, Jun 30, 11:09am
Sorry this is so late however I thought some other brulee makes may have come in to help. I have never made it - altho I adore it.

This is the only thing I could find which may have the answer:

"The Creme Brulee custard doesn't usually set during cooking, it sets as it cools. So it would not be unusual for it to be in a semi-liquid state when it came out of the oven and went onto a cooling rack. Refrigeration is typically required to get it completely set."