Cerebos Salt.

susieq9, Mar 22, 2:00am
Have bought 2 1kg packets of plain table salt over 3 weeks and both packets are damp. And no I have not used them both. Only bought the second packet thinking it would be dry. However only to find it also was damp. Any ideas how to get the moisture out.TIA

deanna14, Mar 22, 2:15am
How damp, as in salt is damp. Pop some short grain rice in. Or the damp packets that come with electronics.

aj.2., Mar 22, 3:14am
Just place in a warm oven, after you have used it for cooking or baking, it will not much to dry it out.

firefly001, Mar 22, 7:50am
We bought countdown salt and the crystals are big like sugar - its just not right !

wheelz, Mar 22, 10:30pm
Home brand salt? Yep, made that mistake too! Grains nearly big enough to go in the grinder.

whitehead., Nov 28, 5:07pm
keep your salt in your hot water cuboard it takes up water and that is why its getting damp . it wont hurt you if it is damp . i keep mine in a mason jar with top and keep it in the hwc i have done for 50 years have no trouble with it i keep flaky salt in a box on the bench .works for me . we used to put salt in our boat to keep the wood dry after a season of boating it dried out over winter and kept the joints from splitting

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