Low sodium/ salt diets

tarshlove, Jul 28, 2:48am
Anyone else here on a low salt diet? I'm finding it hard this winter to cook and still have lots of flavor. We all know salt brings out flavor in a lot of foods.
Does anyone have some delicious recipes that are low in salt they would like to share?

cookessentials, Jul 28, 3:29am
I used to use "Herbamere" by Dr Vogels which I think is salt free it is a selection of various herbs etc and is really tasty - you only need a little. If you Google it, you may find out a bit more. it is sold in health shops and some health section or organic sections in supermarkets sell it.

tarshlove, Aug 12, 11:07pm
Anyone ease have to watch their sodium levels? Can anyone else help with meal ideas?

red2, Aug 13, 12:42am
I find adding fresh chopped herbs over my food instead of salt works well flavour wise

fifie, Aug 13, 11:10pm
Salt free here, as others have said fresh herbs is the answer, and google for what herb goes with what meat etc. Its a change of flavours but you get used to it if you have to. Winter time use a boquet garni little bundle of herbs tied, for flavour in dishes and remove before serving ideal for C/pot casseroles etc, and of course plenty of ground pepper. .

doubledworks, Jan 22, 3:01pm
We add lots of herbs and spices and I also use kelp. .