Where abouts can i get Bakels cake mix online

weezil, Mar 13, 1:10am
is their a site that just an average baker can purchase it from. thanks for any help.

pickles7, Mar 13, 1:34am
The quantities you have to buy may put you off. E-mail and ask. What did you want to buy from them ?

kiwitrish, Mar 13, 1:42am
Gilmours sell it.

weezil, Mar 13, 3:38am
just want to buy a 5kg bag of chocolate cake mix. probably dreaming because im sure they dont sell such small amounts. we dont have a gilmores down here unfortunately.

pickles7, Mar 13, 6:21am
Have a look in Bin Inn if you have one or on there site, I think they sell cake mixes in bagged up lots.

grannypam, Mar 13, 6:27am
Countdown sells Bakels bread mixes if that's any help. the mixed grain one is yummy. lol

aktow, Dec 27, 10:03am

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