Connie's amazing feijoa & apple shortcake

griffo4, Apr 30, 9:55pm
l made this last night l don't know where l got this recipe from but it is really tasty so thought l would share

1 cup flour
1 cup polenta
1 cup caster sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
150g butter
zest of 1 large lemon

1 1/2 cups granny smith, apples peeled and sliced
1 1/2 cups feijoas, peeled and sliced
dusting of caster sugar

Oven 150C
Use abrownie tin
Put flour, polenta, caster sugar, baking powder, butter, lemon zest and egg in a food processor and pulse until it resembles bread crumbs (mine didn't it was more moist)
Spread half mix over base of tin and press gently
Arrange feijoa and apples slices on top and sprinkle with additional caster sugar to taste
Cover with remaining mixture and bake for 45 mins
Remove from oven, cool and chill in fridge before serving with yoghurt, cream mix

l actually baked mine at 180C fan bake as l was cooking dinner as well and it is really nice l think at 150C for my oven l would have had to wait forever for it to cook and it would have been soggy on the bottom but it is really tasty and another way to use up those extra feijoa's, enjoy

ruby19, Apr 30, 10:24pm
Oh might have to give this atry as my fruit bowl is overflowing with feijoa`s even though I am giving bag fulls away! I will have to make some chutneys!

magenta, May 1, 12:03am
I though this looked very promising but I have not got in polenta or cornmeal in the pantry and it is an hour or more round trip to rown to get some. I thought I could just use ordinary flour in its place. Any opinions from the wise ones?

magenta, May 1, 12:05am
Apologies for spelling mistakes. Fingers are a bit cold after defrosting freezer this morning.

griffo4, May 1, 1:17am
lt is basically a sweet pastry so l can't see why not or use your usual pastry

cookessentials, Mar 20, 2:43pm
You could certainly use a shortcake pastry instead if you prefer

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