Apple shortcake

cary14, Jun 3, 10:07am
I have always made my own shortcake which tastes fantastic but doesn't cut that well to serve cold. Ate some made with bought shortcake pastry and it was beautiful so I tried it. I had the pastry up the sides of the dish and on top but found the edge pieces to thick when served .Do you put the pastry up the sides of the dish? Is it easy to serve if you do? Thoughts please? Should the cooked apple be fairly stodgy ie little water to cook them.

whitehead., Jun 4, 8:54am
i roll my pastry between two sheets of cooking paper you can get it really thin and it sort of sticks to the paper a bit so you can turn it over into your pie dish and just peel it off . then i give it a pre cook for about 10minutes let it cool before fulling then put your top over your fulling . that how my grand mother taught me in the 50s

mooshiesmum, Jun 8, 12:27am
Mine is lovely to cut when cold - my secret is a bake it in a glass pyrex slice dish to that I can see that the bottom has browned so cooked through. But as long as you well cook it you should be fine.

My grandmas recipe

Once you store it in an airtight container it will soften and become more moist than dry so better if left in open until using if that makes sense.

lulu239, Jun 10, 9:18pm
mooshiesmum, I tried to print your recipe and left it to print but when I came back I found about 20 pages printred with all of the comments etc added. That page doesn't seem to be printer friendly. What happened? I printed your Donut Muffins OK.

mooshiesmum, Jun 4, 6:19pm
Sorry! When is switched over websites to my own domain I was able to begin imputing my recipes into printer friendly format - but that means all my old recipes still in old format! I haven't had time to go through them as yet so you have to check out if it has the printer icon within it or not.

The donut muffin is a new one so in new flash format.

So sorry, it is on my list of things to do, but its a long list! lol

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