Bread like hot cross buns.

korbo, Mar 25, 7:39am
made a loaf in breadmaker with grandie Mr 4yrs, who wanted sultanas and choc chips in it.
threw in handful of sultanas, and about 1/2 cup choc chips.
Funny tho, there was no sign of the choc chips, only the sultanas, but the loaf did have a slight caramel colour to it, instead of white.l
It was very tasty, and with no spices in, the little ones ate it up fairly quickly.
just thought I would share, as I bought some hxbuns from a bakery, they were so spicey I couldnt eat them.

elliehen, Mar 25, 8:39am
Supermarket buns often rip off your taste buds.all you can feel is a burning sensation.

punkinthefirst, Mar 25, 8:44pm
Bakery buns don't use actual spices, always. They sometimes use an essence-type substance called "Spice Mix".

buzzy110, Mar 25, 10:16pm
There is a fantastic recipe for in Monday Morning's Herald Bite section. It had little balls of marzipan in it.

beaker59, Mar 25, 10:46pm
In my son in laws bakery he is making really nice Hot X buns using real spices and he really knows his spices they are awesome spicy and yeasty lots of fruit and big, he is also doing chocolate ones too this year which are very popular.
Some of his customers are asking he make them all year round, matbe without the cross.

flower-child01, Mar 26, 1:07am
To add chocolate to any bread, freeze the chips, then add at the last stage og kneading. I have just baked some choc hot cross buns today, using my ususal hot cross bun recipe but instead to the dry ingreds added 2 tbsp cocoa. After splitting up the dough towards the end, pummelled each bun flat, sprinkled on the 100g cocoolate bits, folded it over, then folded it again, gave it a knead while rolling into a ball, and baked as usual.

sarahb5, Mar 26, 10:12am
Does he use saffron!The buns I remember fondly from childhood were yellow inside rather than brown and had a definite saffron spiciness to them.The brown spiced ones we get now have a very "generic" taste and all I can taste is mixed spice and cinnamon.

beaker59, Mar 27, 3:02am
Interesting technique but wouldn't it slow down the final proving which would generally be enough to bring everything back to the same temp. I just throw the chips in towards the end and don't have much of an issue. MMMMMMMMM gooey chocolate in the warm buns fresh from the oven.

I dropped in to the bakery today and their double batch was sold out by lunch time they and orders for 100 tomorrow so sounds like they will be busy baking tomorrow probably 3 or 400 Hot cross buns in both flavours.

beaker59, Mar 27, 3:07am
No I actually hadn't heard of that one I will mention it but seriously for acceptable saffron you might find the buns pretty expensive. Basically those spices and two others are what they use in the bakery but the skill is in the balance and handling which makes a huge difference also getting the yeasty rich bread notes on top. The fruit too is pretty important too, handling of that makesa huge difference.

sarahb5, Mar 27, 4:23am
The hot cross buns of my childhood were not the same as we get now - the "bread" was lighter, less doughy, and although spicy and fruity they weren't brown.When you split them open the texture was more like a brioche which I think of as strands but the buns we get these days aren't anything like that.They are a heavier texture, damper and with less fruit too.

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