Help! Anchor skim milk (tin)

scooby614, Apr 24, 2:02am
I have finally come across my Grandmothers snowball recipe but it calls for a tin of anchor skim milk. As we only have it in the milk powder form how much would I use. Does anyone remember the old tins and how much was in them? I have been craving these snowballs for years and really want this to work! ! ! ! TIA with fingers crossed!

jessie981, Apr 24, 3:45am
check out recipies on Google. One says 2c powdered milk.

scooby614, Apr 24, 4:42am
Thanks, I have actually googled some other recipes and some I will try and they are quite different, just this recipe once I get it right will transport me right back to Nana's kitchen, and the special memories that go with that :)

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