recipie for a kids two tier cake please?

j4d, Apr 14, 9:49am
my girlie is having a birthdeay on sat and wants a two teir cake but she doesn't like fruit or sultana cake... . does anyo one have a good recipie for a cake that is dense enough to be layered but kids will like? tia

barloo, Apr 14, 9:55am
banana cake or replace the banana with kiwifruit:)

Lemon icing.

Once cold, using a good sharp knife, cut cake throu and fill with cream (fresh or mock) with a layer of jam against the cake so the icing doesn't cause crumbs!

Or make a Mississippi mud cake! !

kiwi126, Apr 17, 12:02am
hi you can go to a shop that sells cake decorating equipment and buy a thin board the size of your top cake, ice the two layers seperately put wooden picks ( brought at the same place) into the bottom cake underneath were you want to put the top layer then put the top cake on. Then you can make any cake you like

lucas08, Feb 6, 8:10am
Mud cakes are the best.
Or maderia

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