Does anyone make jam with no sugar?

picxie, Apr 30, 12:53am
Just wondering if you can share your recipes please! My searches for some always bring up jams with sugar! But we'd like to make some without, using stevia as a sweetener instead.

elliehen, Apr 30, 1:01am
If you just want a fruit spread, why not reduce fruit by stewing it without sugar or artificial sweetener until it becomes a thick and spreadable puree!

You'd have to make it in smaller quantities and keep it in the fridge or freezer, but that only makes it easier.

picxie, Apr 30, 1:07am
That's an idea. I was hoping to get something I can do in bulk and bottle like jam, but we can easily do small batches at a time and keep in the fridge. Would have to use frozen fruit though, but I assume that would be okay . might just take a bit more cooking down.

prawn_whiskas, Apr 30, 1:07am
Try Xylitol or Erythritol, both get to hard crack stage like normal cane sugar so are suitable for jam making.But as Elliehen suggests you only make small quantities when not using sugar as you no longer have a strong 'preservative' present.

makespacenow, Apr 30, 1:13am
Yes .that would be me.
Just 1kg of chosen fruit, bit of lemon juice and some petting stock (powder if out).i posted recipe for petting stock few weeks ago use the search box <<<<<<
yes you can make it in bulk but i don't do more than kilo or two batches as with petting you don't have to overlook the fruit.five mins and it is done fruit keeps its taste.
Sterilized jars and you can store them for years. Grandma was diabetic could not use sugar and made her jams/fruit spreads this way for more than 40 years so did her mum she said.i have been only making own for few years but people always beg for more.

makespacenow, Apr 30, 1:17am
And yes you can use frozen fruit too.intact raspberries are better from frozen.

picxie, Apr 30, 1:19am
What's petting stock! Do you mean pectin! I can't find your recipe for petting stock :)

picxie, Apr 30, 1:24am
Don't worry, I think I found the thread you meant :)

makespacenow, Apr 30, 1:27am
sorry yes pectin got to get rid of this predictive spelling.

frances1266, Apr 30, 4:56am
Make the jam and freeze it for keeping.Stevia, xylitol, agave are all natural sweeteners and google should bring up some recipes.

angel404, Apr 30, 6:18am
. Autocorrect never fails to crack me up

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