can homemade macaroni cheese be frozen?

monkeydee, Apr 2, 11:17pm
? ? ? . TIA

monkeydee, Apr 2, 11:31pm
anyone? ? ? :-)

dilligaf_dah, Apr 3, 12:15am
yes we freeze it all the time

cherie19, Apr 3, 4:51am
Yip me too.

lisa2211, Apr 4, 2:24am
cool i was wondering this the other day, instead we ate it for lunch

firenut, Apr 4, 8:38am
i always make enough to freeze some, great for a quick meal when getting in late

raewyn64, Apr 5, 1:12am
how do you re-heat it when it has been frozen?

susieq9, Apr 5, 11:53pm
Would also like to know the answer to this. Do you thaw it first before re-heating? TIA

greerg, Apr 6, 1:53am
I have thawed and reheated in the microwave at 50 percent power quite successfully.

a_n_h, Apr 6, 4:07am
i just bang it right in the microwave usually. have put in it the oven but it took awhile.

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