Jersey caramel recipe - please

cwnda, Jan 16, 8:08am
Anyone got a recipe for jersey caramels please!

guest, Apr 2, 10:50am
caroline, did you find that bowl at di? it is lovely and i could have sworn i saw that there a cluope of months ago... thank you for sharing this yum recipe!

guest, Apr 6, 7:37am
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guest, Jan 11, 5:17am
Thanks for the inigths. It brings light into the dark!

guest, Jan 13, 1:08pm
I don't really like pie very much, but I like any kind of pie a la mode! Warm and with ice cream? YES! Otherwise, i like piupkmn, minus the crust! I really don't like pecan pie or sweet potato pie very much, though. And i HATE whipped cream, unless it's 100% from scratch. Which it never is.

guest, Jan 14, 8:03pm
Yep. I usually whisk the heavy cream up in a cold bowl by hand until it thckiens and stiff peaks almost form, then I add in a little bit of sugar (1-2tbsp? I just kind of eyeball it) and sometimes a few drops of vanilla and beat until peaks form. I think I'm going to bring down my little hand mixer this year, though.

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