poppit15, Oct 16, 3:01am
I thought I would share this recipe - I did the DUKAN diet and had great success but one of my favourites was these muffins.Only 70 calories great for morning tea or those late night snacks.
2teaspoons baking powder
4 tablespoons lite milk powder
6 tablespoons oat bran (not rolled oats)
1small tub lite yoghurt - can use flavoured I liked the vanilla flavoured
2 egg whites
1 egg yolk
Beat egg whites fold in all other ingredients - grease friand/muffin tins - makes about 5-6. Cook hot 180 - 200 for 10 minutes.
As alternative you can add cocoa powder.
Favourite was 1/4 cup mashed up tinned peaches and then a chocolate button pushed into muffin mixture.
I made a batch every sunday and these were my morning tea for the week - beats paying 3.50 for a muffin at the cafe.

letitia, Oct 16, 3:16am
Thanks for that.I'll definitely be trying those.

minnie_mouse, Oct 16, 8:31am
sounds good to me, thanks! :-)

eleyne, Oct 16, 11:18am
is this recipe missing an ingredient! Some flour perhaps!

poppit15, Oct 16, 6:03pm
No the oat bran is the alternative but must be oatbran and not rolled oats.

pickles7, Oct 16, 7:46pm
how about a pic.poppit15.please.

wildflower, Oct 17, 6:12am
I've an orange and oat bran recipe with no flour, eggs, sugar etc.It doesn't really rise, I think the oat bran is too heavy but they taste great.

charsmum, Oct 17, 7:52pm
Just made these.Very happy did not have any milk powder so used a little cornflour,just a little sugar .One way of having extra bran.Would make again.Many Thanks,Lyn.

charsmum, Oct 17, 7:53pm
These did rise,better than normal muffins I make.

pines, Oct 20, 11:29pm
Thanks for that receipe, will have to try them out soon!

macwood2, Oct 20, 11:47pm
poppit15 - I was wondering about the Dukan diet and whether I would give it a go.How long were you on it and what was your success!

poppit15, Oct 21, 6:53am
Did really well but only had 5kgs to lose - I found it really easy - a lot of people say but you only eat protein - that was not true.The key to it was variety.

I had a muffin and yoghurt for breakfast or porridge made with oatbran (tasted like the old cremota you used to get)Used to also make a galette (google dukan galette) just a pancake made with oatbran and then topped with yoghurt and berries
Lunch - boiled egg or omelete or sushimi or chicken steak/fish/mussels
dinner - I always had stir fry meat or fish andcourgettes/onions/peppers/mush-
Yoghurts for snacks and I made up the weightwatcher jellies and added a few berries

You should try the muffin recipe honestly good and you can't even taste they haven't got sugar - just add some vanilla essence

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