A.E.G Preserver timing for bottled fruit

jvkv, Jan 29, 12:58am
Can anyone pleasehelp with the times for bottling fruit - eg. peaches and pears in one of these preservers - we've lost the recipe book to go with it. Thanks

gbking, Jan 29, 6:36am
do you mean an AGEE preserver, the large water bath type, I have a handbook for a Fowler's Vacola which is basically the same thing, the recipes work fine for an Agee preserver, I use it all the time, so not for sale, but it's really basic so could probably give you the details for whatever fruit you're doing on here

jvkv, Jan 29, 8:48am
So good of you to offer help - yes this is what is being used so your Vacola would give similar times - Our preserver holds about 9 jars and times required would be for peaches and pears if you could help with this please.

gbking, Jul 19, 8:15pm
sorry about delay, Peaches; peel etc and place in jar, cover with a heavy sugar syrup (3. 5kg sugar to 4. 5litre water), place covers on jars, bring to 82C, than allow to fall to 74C and hold it there until 2. 5 hours have past since temp first reached 82C remove and cool. Pears; use a medium syrup(1. 8kg sugar to 4. 5litre water) Bring to 93C then allow to fall to 82C and hold it there for 2. 5 hours since temp first reaced 93C. I usually use a bit less sugar than this otherwise they can be a bit too sweet. Hope this helps

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