not sweet & sour pork again!.....

carot3, Mar 20, 11:54pm
i got a pack of pork pieces out for tea. . only ever make sweet & sour with the pork! ... feel like something else, but what? ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks.

korbo, Mar 20, 11:56pm
just make a casserole like you would with beef, but put in some pineapple pieces, and some chopped celery, soya sauce. similar tosweet/sour, but a little different. what about the chicken apricot dish, but instead using your pork. .

carot3, Mar 21, 12:05am
ow thats a good idea re. 'apricot pork'!

lythande1, Mar 21, 12:38am
Boston Beans with pork pieces.
Stir fry.
Loads of recipes for pork pieces if you look... .

karenz, Nov 18, 5:43pm
Lee Kum Kee make (in my personal opinion) some lovely ready made sauces to use with pork.

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