Dominion Post recipe for Arizona Nachos

mindi1, Jul 9, 4:28am
Hi. Am wondering if a kind Wellington person could help me with a recipe that was in the Dominion post supplement (Capital Life?) on Wednesday. I was there on business and cut out the recipe but must have tossed it out when packing to come home.
I am pretty sure it was called Arizona Nachos ~ but with slow cooked chunks of beef rather than mince. It sounded delicious.
Thanks in advance.

petal1955, Jul 9, 4:40am
Arizona Beef Nachos

Serves 5-6
100 grms white onion
20 grms garlic
1 kg diced beef
80 grms tomato paste
300 grms fresh tomatoes
150 grms capsicum
200 grms kidney beans
1 tsp paprikia powder
1 tsp cumin
30 grms fresh coriander
10 grms fresj oregano

Saute the onion until soft.Add the beef, chopped garlic, paprika and cumin powder and cook until the beef is seared on the outside.Add the tomato paste, mix it well and cook for about 5 minutes.Add in the roughly chopped tomato and bring to boil, then add half the capsicum, coriander and oregano.

Cook on a low heat and simmer gently for at least two hours, until the meat is tender and almost falls apart.

Add the remaining ingredients and cook for five minutes.Taste and adjust the seasoning and, then serve.

mindi1, Jul 9, 4:46am
Thank you so much!!!
Will try tomorrow and report back. I might not bother with nacho chips.
Once I've tried this I will convert it to number of garlic cloves, number of tomatoes etc.

ruby19, Jul 9, 5:33am
I must admit when ever a recipe like this states fresh tomatoes I just add a 400g tin of chopped tomatoes in their juice.
Although in this recipe I am intrigued to know how much garlic cloves roughly make 20g.

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