Help egg shaped plate

firebirds, Dec 5, 1:32am
ok folks I need some help...I have resurrectedmy mothers plate that has the half egg shapes around the edge and have done curried eggs.....what do you put if anything in the middle of the plate? tia

nanasee1, Dec 5, 1:35am
A pretty salad or parsley/herb sprigs

vintagekitty, Dec 5, 2:18am
Id do a wee posy of edible herbs and flowers

2bakerz, Dec 5, 3:57am
The salad and herbs and maybe a 'toy' chook??

firebirds, Dec 5, 5:21am
thanks for your help ive decided on a wee herby salad with Asparagus ....back to the kitchen I go

wayneandjudith, Dec 5, 8:53am
And at Easter you could put painted eggs or (Easter Eggs)round the edge and pile chocs in the middle!

firebirds, Dec 5, 9:13am
great idea:).....there is all sorts of interesting plates and other bits and pieces in the cabinet that I really should try and use now and again its just a strange feeling cause the things that were in there as a child were to be looked at but not touched and if they did come out you were to dam scared to go near them in case one broke even if you were just staring at them on the table...silly really

pollypanner, Dec 5, 9:31pm
Same here i decided i'm going to use all my special stuff, My mum died last year and never had the pleasure of using hers , she said "she was keeping for special days" what a waste! So i use mine now and if it get broken well aleast i got to use it before i die

cookessentials, Dec 6, 12:04am
Have to agree there. I have a mixing bowl which is hand potted. it belonged to my sons great Grandmothers great grand mother! It has a fine hairline crack through it, but I still use it and if it breaks, well, I have had the pleasure of using it. I also collect teacups,suacers and plates and love using them,especially a mixture of different designs.

mudguts2, Dec 6, 12:13am
I also have just been given one of these by my MIL.
she got it for a wedding present and has never used it.

I would be over 60 yrs old now.
And in ex condition.

Not sure if i would ever use it though.

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