Budget Baking Ideas

moparpete, Aug 17, 12:44am
As lunchbox fillers. Thanks in advance.

red2, Aug 17, 1:07am
scones , muffins , biscuits/slices with rolled oats in them . there is a budget thread somewhere if you do a search in the box on the left

lx4000, Aug 17, 10:32am
In a bowl mix together
1. 5 cups flour
1. 5 tsp bp,
1. 5 cups coconut,
1 cup sugar,
1. 5 cups milk,
2 tsp vanilla essence.

Bake at 160-170 deg C for an hour or so.

You can add the juice and zest of a couple of lemons with or with out sultanas too.

Devine! !

And yip, no eggs and no butter in this one! !


kob, Aug 17, 5:56pm
there is a huge thread on here called'' Ive just done the weeks baking, what have you baked;;, it has been going for about 6 years and there is every budget baking recipe availiable to man or woman, even recipes when you dont have eggs or recipes where you dont have flash ingredients so check it out, use the search engine

phy39, Aug 17, 10:29pm
Ive just tried to find that thread Kob as i need to bake today too it said there was no such thread maybe i was doing it wrong can you help?

pixiegirl, Aug 17, 10:39pm
Just bumped up the thread for you that kob mentioned. Happy cooking

phy39, Aug 18, 3:59am
thank you for bumping that ive added it to my favourites :)

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