I've found Alison Holst's Budget Biscuits recipe

white_elephant, Aug 20, 10:27am
Thanks for all the help I got on this but after going through all my stuff again I found it.
50grm butter
3 tbsps Golden Syrup
1/2cup sugar
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup flour
1/2 tspn B. Soda
1 tbsp Water
Melt the butter, take off the heat and add G. syrup, stir until it dissolves, stir in dry ingreds. then add B Soda dissolved in water.
Put teaspoon lots on a greased tray, leave room for spreading
Bake for about 10 mins at 170c

Pretty basic but nice.

calista, Aug 20, 12:52pm
Do you think this might work with 40mls of oil instead of the butter (which isn't really budget-priced these days? )

white_elephant, Aug 20, 6:50pm
Sorry I'm not really into cooking and always follow recipes exactly (scared not to) but someone else might know. To be honest at the time my family really liked these biscuits and the budget part of it wasn't the most important.

gardie, Aug 20, 6:59pm
When you consider that 50 grams is 1/10th of a pack of butter it means the butter portion is only 40 cents worth (30cents if on special). You can freeze butter if you don't usually buy it - just cut it into the sizes you want, wrap in gladwrap and freeze. I think its very economical. And in biscuits, I wouldn't consider replacing butter with oil - it would change the taste.

margyr, Aug 20, 7:20pm
i would not use oil but you can use margarine instead of butter, just use a little less as it is greasier than butter. but as gardie says it is not that much butter and the biscuits will taste so much nicer with butter than anything else.

tich50, Aug 21, 5:58am
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white_elephant, Aug 21, 8:04am
You're Welcome, thanks for posting.

calista, Aug 21, 8:26am
Sometimes I can be very dumb - I didn't think of cutting up the butter *before * freezing it.

kazf, Nov 4, 12:14am
Excuse my ignorance but what's the envelop system?

white_elephant, Nov 4, 5:00pm
kazf, I think it's a household budgeting system. You could always start a thread asking, sorry I'm not more help.

korbo, Nov 4, 6:50pm
12 biscuits is not a lot. did they spread and were they big. like the sound of the recipe, but would need more than 12.

kazf, Nov 4, 7:14pm
I made a double batch of these yesterday and got 35 medium biscuits which is plenty big enough for a sweet fix.

elliehen, Jul 14, 1:14pm
Raisins go well with rolled oats and might be a useful variation.