Pizza Pie

Have you guys ever tried a pizza pie? I want to make one but not sure how it will taste

Chef_martyn143, Jun 9, 2:23 pm

What do you mean by pizza pie? Like pizza fillings encased in pastry like a pie?

Chef_kirmag, Jun 9, 3:48 pm

Yes they are delicious, and you can vary your toppings. I saw Jamie make an American pizza pie on the weekend, it looked amazing, and so fast and economical.-

Chef_kiwilion, Jun 9, 3:58 pm

That's just a pizza.

Chef_kirmag, Jun 9, 4:00 pm

Isn't it just a regular pizza with a whole lot of crust?

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 9, 4:18 pm

na its like making a pie (like normal) but with pizza fillings

Chef_martyn143, Jun 9, 4:26 pm

OP, here is the same recipe but it has been adjusted.-

I am definitely going to be making mine like this in future.
Often I have used ready made pastry but I think the above is better, and the dough more versatile, being enough for 4.

Chef_kiwilion, Jun 9, 4:27 pm

But that's just a pizza again.

When we were being lazy once OP, we did use a sheet of flakey puff pastry as the base for our pizza. Didn't cover it over with pastry or anything tho.

Chef_kirmag, Jun 9, 4:46 pm

Looks like a normal pizza to me too.

Chef_gilligee, Jun 9, 5:14 pm

Calzone? Chicago deep dish pizza?

Chef_hestia, Jun 9, 5:31 pm

I like to use Lebanese bread for the base of my pizzas, we like a thinner crust. Sometimes I just put the topping on half of the base then fold it over and cook it in my sandwich press or fry pan. Makes a change to your usual open pizza and it's so quick and easy too.

Chef_nauru, Jun 9, 8:35 pm

That's a nice idea.

Chef_kiwilion, Jun 9, 9:34 pm

I saw this idea today, in a free mag that I got from a pharmacy . they were suggesting it as a healthy snack for kids. Now that I know that you rate it . will give it a go.

Chef_samanya, Jun 10, 12:05 pm

Closest I think I've come is making calzone (think folded over pizza base prior to cooking so all 'toppings' become the contents). They are delicious and make transporting them (for packed lunches etc) much simpler. Or do you mean pizza topping type ingredients in a pastry case? If so, give it go, no real rules when it comes to what everyone prefers as a pie filling. :)

Chef_sampa, Jun 10, 12:25 pm

My daughter makes them for her boys, they love them with salad on the side. They like to do the topping themselves and Mum cooks them.
I sometimes I like to use hummus & pesto base instead of the usual tomato base and then top with whatever we fancy either folded or an open pizza.

Chef_nauru, Jun 8, 7:02 am

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