Egg salad

suz71, Feb 5, 3:02am
has anyone got a fav egg salad receipe

ethelz1, Feb 5, 3:41am
I cube and cook potatoes.let cool.Boil some eggs.I mash eggs with best food mayo and a little milk and salt and pepper.Fry in a little oil diced onions or spring onions,diced capicum and diced bacon or ham.Add this to the mashed egg.Add wholegrain mustard to taste.stir in potatoes.Sprinkle with chives and or parsley.Delicious.

babytears, Feb 5, 3:46am
I boil eggs, peel and quarter long ways, you can you any veges you like but I use dice celery, red onion, capsicum (usually green) - I can't think what else I use, oh I've tried it with bacon finely chopped! I mix the diced veges (& bacon) with best food mayo and then fold in the egg gently… it's devine but also rich so you need much

suz71, Feb 5, 4:25am
yum thanks

carlosjackal, Feb 5, 4:45am
I'm not sure if I'd call it a salad, although I guess it is really; I usually use it as a spread or a dollop on a plate with other salads. Delicious though!

To 4 chopped hard boiled eggs I add:
Celery, finely chopped
Fresh Dill, roughly chopped
Chives, chopped
I tspn curry powder
A squeeze of lemon juice
Salt and Freshly ground black pepper

bev00, Feb 5, 11:51am
devilled eggs go well in a salad

deanna14, Feb 6, 2:34am
Chopped up hard boiled eggs
Chopped up Red Onion
Some Mustard sauce
And Best Mayonaise.
Simple and delish.

sampa, Feb 6, 3:08am
If you're truely devoted you'll peel 15 quail eggs (given to us along with other eggs by our lovely neighbour who was moving out lock, stock and poultry) and make an egg salad from them. For hubbies lunch no less. Not something I'd recommend going out of your way to do on purpose but needs must, waste not etc. :)

rarogal, Mar 18, 12:56am
Mine is very simple and a,ways popular. Just hard-boiled and quartered eggs, honeygrain mustard and finely slice spring onions mixed with mayo and stirred gently into eggs.

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