Thai carrot and kumera salad

samsnan, Dec 3, 6:59am
I got the recipe off here a bout a year or so ago and now I have misplaced it. I made it for the first time only a few weeks ago and it was delicous. It had brown sugar fish sauce balsamic ( I think) honey and one or two other things. Can anyone help me please? It was the nearest one to the one sold in New World. TIA

samanya, Dec 4, 1:39am
Isn't that great . fusion cuisine, one big melting pot?

"any dishes combining ingredients or methods of two or more regional or ethnic culinary traditions"

uli, Dec 4, 4:15am
Yes - all lovely and good . it could be named "carrot and kumera salad with a Thai inspired dressing" - and everyone would be happy aye?

samanya, Dec 4, 5:08am
If you want to be pedantic, yep, although I'm not unhappy about it, are you?
I think we are so lucky in NZ as we have access to wonderful produce & the people from different countries, who choose to make NZ their home, have brought with them a wealth of changes to our cuisine over the years & I'm sure they take on board our customs & style of cooking as well . "when in Rome" etc.

uli, Dec 4, 7:10am
I do sincerely hope they do NOT take the NZ "Cuisine" on board .

And yes you could call it "pedantic" to actually name things accordingly - I love to know if a recipe is authentic or not.

The first pizza I ate in NZ was in Taupo at the then "Pizza Hut" - it had a sweet scone dough and spaghetti out of a tin on it - plus about 1kg of cheese, so you only saw what you were eating after cutting into it.

They were very astonished when I said that this is not a pizza.

So yes I DO hope none of the immigrants are going to "adapt" to NZ recipes and keep cooking their own very nice food.

samanya, May 12, 8:54am
That pizza sounds horrible, but you have picked a poor example.
I have already stated that with our wonderful fresh produce, a fusion type cuisine is not bad at all . I wasn't referring to take aways or fast food.

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