Curried Egg Salad -

leanne77, Apr 1, 3:30am
quick & easy please

korbo, Apr 1, 3:35am
hardboil the eggs, chop up with a red onion/brown, some parsley or chives.
then I just use some budget mao, with 1-2 teaspoons curry powder, in a seperate bowl, then add the eggs etc.
sometimes if I have some cream, I add a little.
I make mine a few hours before eating to let the flavour go thru.

leanne77, Apr 1, 3:38am
thanks, that sound perfect got the eggs on already

rainrain1, Apr 1, 4:27am
That would be nice with firm cooked cauli florets also, good way to use that extra bit of cauliflower

nauru, Apr 1, 4:42am
Great with chickpeas too

rainrain1, Apr 1, 4:46am
I'm making some right now, can't resist a good thing

waiting6, Apr 2, 4:17am
I boil eggs and cut in half then I use just buget mayo curry and a pinch of papkira mix and dizzle over eggs my lot it this way and its dam easy

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