Baking on a budget - eggs?

flower-child01, Mar 8, 7:16pm
What brand of eggs do you find the cheapest yet meets all your needs for a full range of baking, sponges, cakes etc.

accroul, Mar 8, 8:09pm
The eggs I eat are also the eggs I bake with. I haven't noticed any difference in the quality of eggs vs $$ for baking purposes.

lilyfield, Mar 8, 9:10pm
an egg is an egg, whtaever is cheapest.
next on your list-sugar!

ange164, Mar 8, 9:12pm
Chickens are unable to produce an inferior product. IMO An egg is an egg. Chooks are given nutrients where ever they're kept. Whether they get it from bugs and grass, or from a pellet - the nutrients in your egg will be about the same.So budget brand #6 eggs do the job just fine.

ace441, Mar 8, 10:50pm
The only difference I notice is the colour of the yolk - free-range eggs tend to have a rich yellow/orange colour while battery eggs have a pale lemon coloured yolk. We have 18 chooks - all free-ranging and they produce brown, white and blue eggs but the inside seems to be all the same. I prefer free range eggs simply because they give a nicer colour to some of the baking. I know free-range are not a budget product but even when we were 'tight' for money (before we got chooks) I always brought free range simply for the cruelty factor.

lythande1, Mar 9, 12:36am
Egg colour depends what they eat, if they eat a lot of green plants, silverbeet, grass - it's darker.
Nothing to do with whether they get to run around r not.

uli, Mar 9, 1:21am
Not quite.
Chickens fed on grains and soy meal have a different nutrient profile (as have their eggs) then chickens fed on a variety of greens and different bugs, slugs and insects.

elliehen, Mar 9, 2:28am
What to feed your girls, and what not.

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