Egg recipes for crockpot

zuggle, Mar 23, 3:41am
I have a friend with a new crockpot and lots of hens (ooooh, don't get ahead of me on that one, lol). I've been looking for egg recipes for her online but the American ones just don't do it for me in terms of ingreds like bisquik and other things. I need good NZ/Aussie recipes please.

davidt4, Mar 23, 8:27am
Eggs cook so quickly that other than long-cooked Egyptian eggs I can't imagine any benefit in cooking them in a slow cooker.What exactly are you hoping for!

gasman64, Mar 23, 2:42pm
I tell you what I do with them. I make my own chicken noodle soup and I use the eggs as egg drop in the soup like the chinese do in chicken and corn soup. I love the texture of the egg, but you need the pot at full heat and you must NOT stir it until the egg drop has set.

zuggle, Mar 23, 5:29pm
I have seen some crockpot recipes with hash browns, sausage and lots of eggs (overnight cooking for a hearty winter breakfast) - not that it has great appeal, just using that as an example - and wondered if there are other recipes that would help her use the surplus of eggs.

rosel4, Jul 3, 3:20pm
This seems like the breakfast for me.How do we cook eggs, HBs, sausages overnight in the SC!

jmori, Jul 3, 8:13pm
She could do the good ole curried egg dish! I had a lot of eggs recently so made bacon & egg pies (x2), little pastry quiches. They freeze well too.

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