My very first 3 tier cake for my nieces birthday

norse_westie, Apr 7, 6:09am
Beautiful, well done! I love the colors.

littlemissy1, Apr 7, 6:19am
Yes the colours are lovely.great job!

lurtz, Apr 7, 6:37am
I bet you have enjoyed making this. Well done. It looks grand:-)

lodgelocum, Apr 7, 6:52am
That is really cool, well done, sure your niece will love it.

elliehen, Apr 7, 7:00am
Very nice :)I saw a photo of a Grandma's train cake on a cooking blog today and she'd made a cake with 21 carriages by special request for her grandson's 21st birthday.

What intrigued me - after being in awe of the 21 carriages - was the 'smoke' coming out of the train engine.It was made with popcorn, threaded onto a wire of some sort and it looked exactly like puffing engine smoke.

k.b.moss, Apr 7, 7:19am
thanks i love the colours to :). it was so much fun for once just chilled with it and toke my time so no stress :) do you have a link elliehen!

lurtz, Apr 7, 7:24am
Elliehen,The Australian Women's Weekly Cake decorating book from my olden days, had a train with this 'smoke'.I made it for a few family birthdays. (Not with twenty one carriages, however.)

I loved that recipe book. It had step by step instructions that made cake decorating for children's birthdays, a breeze.

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