Non stick egg poacher.

survivorr, Jan 5, 8:48am
I like the yolks white (as would happen if you poached in water) . does that happen with the silicone poachers!If so, then I'll buy a couple.

macmar, Dec 26, 8:32pm
have new one, how do you stop the eggs sticking to the non-stick
surface where you put the eggs!tia

lyl_guy, Dec 26, 8:34pm
I had one of those. terrible thing, will never use it again.I know of no way, except maybe greasing the little pans, but that defeats the purpose of 'poached' eggs, IMO.I learned to do it the old way, in water, lol. much easier and nicer.

macmar, Dec 26, 8:36pm
Oh no - just bought it for our son to make 'poaching eggs' easier for them!

seniorbones, Dec 26, 8:36pm
I love mine but you do need to put a little bit of butter or marg in them still and they just slide out.

lyl_guy, Dec 26, 8:42pm
Well, the thought was there. I bought one thinking it was going to be easier, lol. just led to frustration.My daughter likes it though. she just scrapes it out with a knife, scratching the surface in the process.I've put it away for her for when she goes flatting/ leaves home.

seniorbones, Dec 26, 9:03pm
no dont scrape it with a knife, as above just a little bit of butter will help

cookessentials, Dec 26, 11:27pm
I use wee silicone single "poachers" that float in the pan.easy

sjc72, Dec 26, 11:32pm
I use a little bit of butter and if they need a bit of help to come out, a plastic knife/spoon whatever I can find in the drawer.

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