Laptop birthday cake

kiwibubbles, Jul 6, 11:54pm
i'm wanting to make a laptop birthday cake... i will do the screen with cardboard or polysyrene. Has anyone made one before? I just debating how to do the keyboard part cos i dont really want to use fondant icing. I had thought about seeing if i could find a chocolate keyboard mould and making the keyboard out of chocolate and putting that on the cake

lx4000, Jul 7, 1:46am
mmmm use strips of licorice cut into key shapes then placed on cake with a bit of icing to hold them down? Then pipe the 1 2 3 and a b c onto it?

lx4000, Jul 7, 1:48am
choco. Maybe find some thin choco that are in small squares that can be the keys?

lx4000, Jul 7, 1:51am
licorice alsorts, jersey carmals used as the keys? hehehe pulled a part that is!!

Is this helping any?????

lx4000, Jul 7, 1:53am
for the screen, you could make a slice (uncooked type with cookie crumbs and condensed milk for the screen part! Then its all eatable!

kiwibubbles, Jul 7, 1:57am
hmmmmmmmm forgot completely about licorice - those licorice straps cut into squares........... that COULD work....

macwood2, Jul 7, 6:09am
wondered when you were going to make this kiwibubbles?I have to make one for my grandbaby next weekend and have no idea how I am going to do it!!Wondered if you would post a photo of yours when you do it.

kiwibubbles, Jul 7, 6:20am
i'm making it in september sorry - i just wanted to be prepared LOL

kiwibubbles, Jul 7, 6:22am
i'm just going to make one huge cake (mudcake?) in a roasting tin which will be the base and get some silver/grey coloured fondant icing and cover it in this, and get a piece of cardboard and cover in silver wrapping paper and get a print out (either a photo of the birthday person or a screenshot of his fav computer game) put this on the front of the screen, and somehow make a keyboard from something lol,. I will attach the screen to the cake using skewers or something similar.

elliehen, Jul 7, 9:17am
Put "laptop cake" into Google and you'll get lots of links if you're looking for ideas :)

kiwibubbles, Jul 7, 9:38am
i wonder how they got the writing on the keyboard letters so perfect and tidy lol

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