Apple muffin recipe help please!

n.c, Oct 23, 3:45am
I found a lovely recipe for apple muffins...but it requires 1 1/2 cups diced apple...I only have stewed apple.If I use 1 1/2 cups of stewed apple will the mix be too wet?

Help please!

alebix, Oct 23, 3:59am
I would say so...

n.c, Oct 23, 4:17am
LOL...I guess I should have asked my question better.What I need to know much stewed apple would equal the diced apple without making the mixture too wet?

Does that make sense?

buzzy110, Oct 23, 4:47am
I'm sorry but diced, fresh apple and stewed apple are two different ingredients and there is no way of substituting one for the other and getting the same result.

However, stewed apple muffins sound totally doable to me. I'd mix the dry ingredients and then add the stewed apple. From there it is up to you how much liquid to add to make the mix the appropriate level of moist.

Maybe, if you had some other fresh fruit you could substitute for apple you could use that instead. How about diced banana.Or tinned pears, pineapple, peaches or even fruit salad. Just use the fruit and not the canning syrup.

n.c, Oct 23, 5:11am
Thankyou so much buzzy!I will give them a go using the method you described.Duh - dont know why I didnt think to do that - lol.

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