It had to be addressed!!

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pickles7, Oct 11, 3:39am
I had another rumble in our local supermarket. yep had to be done!!!I returned some apples last Friday, they were brown and dry all through. I was told , sorry but it is the time of the year, you must expect a few problems with the apples. No apple pie, I said, grrrrrr

pickles7, Oct 11, 3:40am
Monday, there they were still out on sale. I had a pocket knife in my bag and proceeded to cut the apples in half making a nice display of these brown apples.

pickles7, Oct 11, 3:41am
My gripe is, how many people bother to get refunds. $2.00 a kg, not much my Husband said, I told him to go find the owner of the shop and personally give him $5.00 towards his new yacht.

pickles7, Oct 11, 3:42am
He said that would be silly. I said you would feel silly, but you wanted me to give him $5.00 TOWARDS HIS NEW YACHT.

glynsmum, Oct 11, 3:43am
Way to go ! fed up with Countdown saying companies are dropping things i want and it's them all the time the customer does;nt countanymore Grrrrrrr

pickles7, Oct 11, 3:44am
WELL I am not that bl. silly. I got my money back, plus a bit extra. If those apples are in store tomorrow it will be "fair go".

lizab, Oct 11, 3:50am
I've just about given up buying fruit from our supermarket now - bananas are the only decent thing they sell as far as I'm concerned. Everything else is complete crap!!!! Totally agree with everything you've said pickles - I was moaning to my hubby about the state of fruit in our local supermarket just the other day! Sometimes I wonder why the supermarket even bother putting it on the shelves sometimes!

pickles7, Oct 11, 3:54am
I don't think they are dropping things, ...glynsmum....they are changing the packaging and bumping up the prices.

I wanted Deodorant from there today, yelling loudly by now, 60 mil $5.99, out of stock, but Madam here is the same brand.....$5,99, 30 mils, but in another bottle. I tell you I felt like wearing a white pair of wings and flying right out the door. I think this tax increase, has given a lot of companies the right to print money..

pickles7, Oct 11, 4:07am
Now to make my own Deodorant....I did buy one. but also bought a large bottle of nice creamy body wash, I will experiment with. The 700 mils of body wash was the same price as 30 mils of Deodorant.

glynsmum, Oct 11, 4:08am
I tried to get Pledge grabits they told me their not made anymore so rang johnson & johnson nothing of the sort try4square or New world mccains pizza thin crust rang Mccains they are to lazy to order i get cheesed off trailing from shop to shopCountdown have taken over here in Blenheim so less and less choiceThere I feel better for that moan!!!

pickles7, Oct 11, 4:19am
I also think some Supermarkets are only stocking high profit brands, looking after the profits. We are also starting to buy meat from the butchers, steak was $3.00 a kg cheaper today, and I got a kg of pet mince for $1.50.

ruby19, Oct 11, 4:49am
Pickles I too am constantly amazed at the quality of fruit/veg that some supermarkets keep on their shelves. Eggplants are sold with brown spots appearing over them, tomatoes so over ripe...avocados you know will be awful on the inside as they have well gone past the colour of ripe.
Limp lettuces, the list goes on.I too have been known to complain, and they justdidn`t get It!!

timetable, Oct 11, 5:07am
well done pickles - i take my hat off to you!!!we need to be doing this a lot more often!!!

mallee, Oct 11, 5:10am
On a similar note. Recently I bought 2 schnapper fillets at a well known fish shop in Henderson. I took them straight home, when I unwrapped them, they were high. The next day I took them back, the woman behind the counter was extremely rude, accused me of not storing them properly. She did give me my money back because I stood my ground, but attempted to belittle me in the process in front of other customers. B**ch, needless to say, she lost a good customer that day.

eastie3, Oct 11, 6:26am
Our local NW (eastern suburbs) can be every bit as bad pickles7.I am also shocked at the high prices since the gst hike that are way higher than the % increase.My basic list has gone from around $35 to $43 last week,and there is no luxury items on it,just seasonal veges and milk,bread and other staples.The standard of the fruit and veges is as you described and I watch as people look as dismayed as I do.There is a very good greengrocer in Miramar and I like to give them my business rather than the supermarkets AND the service is way better too,friendly and often little extras thrown in.I'm sure that is why they survived the advent of the new,bigger but not better NW.

cookessentials, Oct 11, 6:33am
Yes, and they expect a premium price. If I amm expected to pay a premium price, then I expect the best quality. Thank God we grow our own vege, but there are some that I dont bother growing,hence,buying elsewhere. We buy ours now from our local Sunday market and they are excellent quality and a reasonable price.

pickles7, Oct 11, 6:43am
avocadosin the shop had little brown things that looked like eggs of some kind.. maybe a pocket knife job, they look as if they would be brown all through, they have dents all over them.
I do think we need to be onto the shops more.I think we are having to pay for what was once, pig food.

pickles7, Oct 11, 6:50am
I think by belittling you, they hope you will leave faster, lol, but with me I ask for the person in charge, you will find there attitude will change then.

nauru, Oct 11, 7:21am
Yes, prices at the SM have rocketed way more than any 21/2 % GST increase, I can't believe it. I always go to our local Sunday market for fruit & veg, they are far superior quality to the SM and way cheaper too.I was astonished to see small Cauliflowers were $6 (not great quality either) today in NW, where do they get their prices from.

elliehen, Oct 11, 9:24am
So lucky to live in rural Nelson...currently buying asparagus at midday straight from the grower, who cut it in the morning.

hanmer, Oct 11, 9:33am
i have nominated myself "local policewoman" of the clendon supermarket!!they have a habit of putting high-priced items above a low-price ticket.i shift them all to their right places.oneday an assistant was doing the above and i said that doesn't belong there.she said we don't have anymore small and we have to fill the gaps. yeah right.when she left i pulled the price tag out.assistants, one sunday morning was removing all the specials fm the current week.i asked him why are you taking it away when you still have 10hrs left. he said they are going to put the new specials up. i said to them yes, so folk will think this is a current special?i go around changing price tags and pull some out and throw it away.they're devious!!

toadfish, Oct 11, 5:01pm
Check Check your till receipts.... everytime.There is more often than not a discrepency.Woollies/Foodtown/Countdown have some fabulous specials this week.I wrote down a list of all I was stocking up on.Sure enough the toothpaste went through at $4's something.Exactly what you said hammer about the price tags... so I changed them..... my 5 went through at $2 each and I walked away with $10.40 in my purse......

kob, Oct 11, 6:17pm
believe me there are that manu shaddy things that go on behind the scenes of SM you would go blind just knowing them all,so once you have worked for them you know these tricks and they aid to better your shopping experience, BUT youhave to stand you ground, gillette shaving foam was $6.99 last week so i brought 2 it went through at full price $9.99 so before i left cue i made sure they were put back to $6.99 on my till docket and that she rung updatirs to the person who operates the price changes to down the price, stink arses my shoipping has gone up 25 bucks since gst rise and thats much more than 2.,5%, cone on goys get ticket wise haha

kob, Oct 11, 6:17pm
come on guys get ticket wise, was what that foreign language was trying to say

whiskey13, Oct 11, 9:06pm
We have the fortune of being in the process of buying 20 acres and i can't wait to put in the orchard and vege patch. We only get staples from the SM cos we grow fruit and veges now. It is so much nicer taste wise than the shops.Where our land is will be 20 mins into Oxford on a saturday to the farmers market for what we don't grow. Can't wait