It had to be addressed!!

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cookessentials, Oct 11, 9:18pm
I buy very little at the supermarket now. I prefer the meat from our local butcher, we will have a garden full of vegetables and i am more than happy to buy my other fruits from the market and make do with what ever we can grow. I have made my own butter before which I have no probem doing when ever I can get full Jersey cream from a friend of ours who has an organic property. Supermarket is used by me for other items such as coffee beans,washing powder,any tinned items and such like.

lizab, Oct 11, 9:25pm
we're on a farm so don't have to buy meat and I do have a veggie garden, it's just the fruit I need to buy and the only option is the SM unfortunately!! We planted plum trees when we moved here but they've not been a great success. Had loads of feijoas from mil and had masses of our own passionfruit, but I do wish we'd planted apples and pears and peaches etc!!

valentino, Oct 11, 9:34pm
Watched Marco pierre the other day or the previous week doing that Feast show on TV, one of his tips was when in the supermarket to "Smell the Produce", if it does not smell right, put it back.

How True.

Those prepackaged lots, one should not touch, quite often are passed their true use-by-time !!!, normally at reduced price, wonder why.

It was very interesting.

Just another thought....

And re meat, the butcher will or should show you portions of meat before wrapping mainly to get your nod of approval.

Likewise when buying fish.

Have others noted this.


mallee, Oct 11, 10:14pm
Way to go whiskey, good luck in your new venture.

whiskey13, Oct 12, 12:46am
Thank you. We (or should i say i ) already have dwarf fruit trees in BIG pots and we are actually buying off my partners sister so as soon as we sign over we're going to mark out where the orchard is going and the vege patch, the berry patch, the chicken run, and the glass house. At home now i have... peach, plum, apricot x 2, apple, tangelo, mandrin, cherry, gooseberry, raspberry, red currants,blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, strawberry rhubarb. a coffee plant and a tea tree,gojiberry x 2, a grapevine, jersuselun artichokes, aspargus and my sister in law has just given me a guava plant. :)

lizab, Oct 12, 1:35am
wow - you are going to be a very very busy bee!!!! All the best :)

nauru, Oct 12, 1:43am
As above, definately keep away from the prepackaged lots.I have in the past bought SM prepackaged grapes (not reduced price) only to find that they were fresh on the top and moudly ones underneath.Needless to say they were returned for a refund.Also had past experience of the same thing being done to prepackaged shnitzel.Lovely fresh slice on top and underneath slices that you can see by the colour they were not so fresh, again it was returned and now I don't buy them. As someone has said above, check your dockets. More often than not I do find an overcharge on specials.Never used to check prices but do these days.

pamellie, May 24, 3:59am
Peeling a bag of pre packed carrots at work the other day. All were grotty some were so bad you could put a knife in the soft spot and it would just about come out the other side!