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510, Feb 24, 1:18am
I would appreciate hearing feedback about this method. There is a video on the TV3 website about an interview that was on Campbell Live. There is a book and a CD out. I would like to know what success people have had, or haven't had. I over eat due to stress & etc etc. I want to tackle my over weight problem from all angles. TIA

510, Feb 24, 1:21am
i know it is not a baking recipe as such, but it is a recipeto loose weight. I post on other threads in here to do with weight loss and low carbs.

charlieb2, Feb 24, 2:07am
I'd never heard of it 510, so I had a google.

There are quite a few comments about it on the Diets in Review website... here...

rossco51, Feb 24, 2:17am
i have the book & video it's for sale if you wish, we found it very help full.

510, Feb 24, 2:54am
rossco what did you find helpful, did you loose weight on it?

510, Feb 24, 3:05am
Thanks my friend Charlie, I just googled that site, I am interested in all avenues of loosing weight, as having been 55 kilos I know there is a reason why I became an over eater. I also want to hear from some people who have tried the method

rossco51, Feb 24, 3:07am
Hi yes we both did it's a lot about programing your mind, as well as eating the right foods, & also light exercising. The amount of weight that Jon Gabriel lost is amazing over 130 kilos. Also the number of doctors that have backed him is impressive cheers.

charlieb2, Feb 24, 3:12am
I have to say that I LOVE Christchurch City Libraries... . . just taken me all of one minute to log on and place a hold request... they will email when the book comes in... So easy... and instead of spending all that money to buy new, it costs $2. Yaye! !

sounds like an interesting read, thanks for putting me onto it 510

pam.delilah, Feb 24, 4:49am
HI 510, I have downloaded theCD from the website,, whisper, the word is heart). and I am listening to it most nights, and am getting something out of it.
I also have the book on hold at the library but it is a long wait .

I understand what he is saying about if you want to and feel safe and have no need for the protection, you will release( not lose as you do not want to find it again) the weight. Each time I have put on weight it has been because I have being going through a 'bad or stressful time'.
Do go into his website and read what he has to sayand down load the CD and you can also have the first chapter emailed to you.

Visualization is a great tool to I have superimposed my head on my ideal body and have affirmations all over the place.
I am going to do it as so want it. So all in all I am abit of a fan of his.

Hear back from you soon, Pam

alewis, Feb 24, 5:02am
I had a little look into it, hes about programming your mind into the right head set and putting your knife and fork down and enjoying each mouthful not to deprive yourself but you "change"so that feeling of having to have chocolate becomes a distant memorie, think he is a bit like the allan carr whom did the stop smoking he also brought out a book for weight loss using the same principals - that might be worth a read 510 -

charlieb2, Feb 24, 5:02am
Darn it pam... you must be ahead of me on that hold list! ! ! lol

charlieb2, Feb 24, 5:04am
ali-bella... posting twinny

pam.delilah, Feb 24, 5:40am
I am 35th in line and there are 10 copies! ! ! . I started out 49th in line about a month ago! ! ! !
Where are you in line? To check go in to 'my account' in the Catalogue or main page of the library website.
I do not want to buy it so I will just wait. At least I can listen to the CD, Pam

charlieb2, Feb 24, 6:02am
Thanks for that tip pam... . I'm something like 104th lol... Be a while yet then! ! ! !

lythande1, Feb 24, 6:14am
People are such suckers for this stuff. There is one simple method of becoming thinner.
Eat less than you do now.
Now please send $100000000 to me for that amazing secret.

alewis, Feb 24, 6:30am
gosh I really didnt know that Lythande - thank you for sharing

nfh1, Feb 24, 6:36am
what a bargain!

510, Feb 24, 7:01am
Where did you do your training on eating disorders?
I wouldn't even give you the steam off my you know what for a comment like that. Have you ever had a weight problem. If only it was as easy as you say, maybe you are also a very lucky individual who hasnever had any major traumasin your life that hasn't caused you to resort to over eating. I do eat less at timesthen go back to bad habit eating patterns. I have an open mind to look at all ideas. Have you read the book to form your opinion or is it just an assumption on your part. I am trying to get 'info' before I make an informed decision before I go ahead with thewhat he says

charlieb2, Feb 24, 7:13am
Good on you 510... .

There's always got to be 'one'

*rolls eyes*

arthurdent2, Feb 24, 7:26am
I'm guessing you are thin as a pin and always have been? Probably never opened a serious book on the biochemistry of weight disorders either. Am I right or am I right?

uli, Feb 24, 8:22am
Maybe you want to read this here: php/2010/02/23/energy-bal

and then reconsider your "secret".

510, Feb 24, 8:48am
Pam and Charlie I'll be interested in how you find the book and CD. arthurdent thanks your reply to my email

510, Feb 24, 8:53am
Well saiduli, I wasn't quite as polite. I get so annoyed at people who appear to be intolerant to other's challenges

marielize1, Feb 24, 8:56am
Jimmy Moore interviewed this fellow on the following link

charlieb2, Feb 24, 9:32am
I thought you worded your reply very well 510.

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