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vintagekitty, Jul 22, 9:25am
with 5 girlfriends for my birthday- yeah ha, no husbands and kids. We have pooled our money for food and drink, but what should we buy from the supermarket? . We think we will eat all lunches & dinners out and have already earmarked a case of vino and bottles of vodka! . We are on holiday for a week.

elliehen, Jul 22, 9:36am
Gourmet cheeses, olives, dukkah, good bread... Happy Days!

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 9:42am
check, yes cant wait!

nfh1, Jul 22, 9:43am
Yes - the vino, vodka and elliehen's suggestions seem to have it all covered!


elliehen, Jul 22, 9:44am
vintagekitty, as you can see, I'm still thinking - and salivating :)

uli, Jul 22, 9:45am
Make sure you do not buy anything resembling fresh salads or fruit though - stick to carbs and alcohol and you will be fine :)
Have a great trip... :)

nfh1, Jul 22, 9:46am
Carbs needed to soak up alcohol uli

uli, Jul 22, 9:47am
Yeah that's what I thought - so lots of bread would be good :)

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 9:50am
I dont eat bread, nor do my friends much, - unless its fresh bread so crackers and tons of nibblys- cheeses, antipasto ingrediants, crackers and fresh fruit and. . , vino!

uli, Jul 22, 9:51am
Oh oh crackers - will not soak up all the wine ... maybe include some pies?

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 9:51am
sorry, dont eat pies either, unless I bake them, which wont be happening on the road,

but, yep will bake a pie to take

uli, Jul 22, 9:57am
Ah well - looks like you will be properly "pickled" then ...
good luck :)

lilyfield, Jul 22, 9:59am
ok -muesli then

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 10:00am
thanks, and yes we will, but we have a driving roster, so all good

elliehen, Jul 22, 10:00am
This sarcasm is so heavy, I think someone is envious and wishes she had been invited too, vintagekitty ;)

waswoods, Jul 22, 10:01am

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 10:02am
haha- its usual, and called passive aggresive, as we all know!

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 10:03am
god yes, i forgot that on my list! - cheers

crystalmoon, Jul 22, 10:05am
what a wonderfull idea, sounds like a cool trip ahead. Have fun with the girls:)

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 10:10am
Thanks so much, its milestone birthday, i'll be 40- god, thats soo old. We are leaving Dunedin going to queenstown then doing the central otago vineyard trail, then over to the coast. We are all so looking foward to it, it will be a blast, even though it will be cramped and we have to share beds!

cookessentials, Jul 22, 10:14am
You are just a baby at 40 VK- make the most of it and have lots of fun.

nfh1, Jul 22, 10:15am
of course - essential!

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 10:15am
Thanks so much, hope you are ok after your trip :( I lost my friend last year from cancer, she was 39 and had 3 babies under 8, was awful

nfh1, Jul 22, 10:16am
sobs - 54 next month - who stole the last 20 years?

vintagekitty, Jul 22, 10:18am
haha, I feel the a little like that, although we have a great life. Ive just changed my moisteriser to mature skin!

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