I made the birthday cakes!!!

spoeklet, Jun 9, 5:39am
I made a moon themed one and then I still had mixture left, so I made a Jurassic Park one too (we only really had dinosaur and soldier toys around). Do you like them? I am not very experienced, so it took all day!
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/62/133607762_full. jp
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/8/133607808_full. jpg

toadfish, Jun 9, 6:47am
Fantastic... love the moon cake... . cool

jag5, Jun 9, 9:05am
I had to make a camo one for a grandson at weekend. He loved it. The camo was inside (marble cake but green, brown and cream) chocolate icing, marshmallows covered in chocolate for a rock wall, and toy soldiers etc. Looked great. I, too, am a novice. A lot of fun.

juliewn, Jul 22, 11:55am
I bet they were greatly admired by the person celebrating their birthday. . good for you :-)

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