Bournvita Biscuits-1971 Edmonds Cookbook.

willman, Apr 2, 6:11am
Has anyone got this recipe, please.

Do not know if Bournvita is still around, I presume, Milo, could be used in place.

Any help would be appreciated.

dibble35, Apr 2, 6:46am
Google is your friend (sometimes) :-)

harrislucinda, Apr 2, 6:50am
sad they took off the market Milo or drinking chocolate has not got that crunch

mkr_ahearn, Apr 2, 7:10am
apparently this valuemart in christchurch sell bournvita

mkr_ahearn, Oct 8, 10:00pm
or maybe not, they still have the photos up and the price however it doesnt come up under beverages, you could email or phone them

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