Muffin tin lining papers?

I am looking for the paper liners for muffin tins.
Not the patty case type of liner, more the flat paper type seen in cafes.
Has anyone bought these in NZ?

Chef_sue62, Mar 9, 7:05 am

Chef_245sam, Mar 9, 7:08 am

I think I have seen those in Countdown near the cupcake and muffin liners

Chef_bunny51, Mar 9, 7:15 am

Yes this is exactly what I am looking for.

Chef_sue62, Mar 9, 7:22 am

Thanks bunny. I will check this out

Chef_sue62, Mar 9, 7:23 am

I would be interested to know where you can buy these too. Commercial muffin makers (caterers) always seem to present there muffins this way. I think they must buy them in bulk. I can't image they cut their own.

Chef_lynja, Mar 9, 7:25 am

All the cafes I know of just cut up baking paper into squares

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 9, 8:46 am

Which I think is what the photo in the link was suggesting. I might have a go at that as I always buy the usual liners for my tins., Mar 9, 10:46 am

Yeah thats what I thought too - I don't often make muffins now the kids aren't at school to be honest but when I do I just use the liners - so easy andI don't have to worry about how stylish they look. Using the paper and serving them in the paper does make the muffin a little harder to get to though

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 9, 7:42 pm

Chef_mooshiesmum, Mar 9, 9:24 pm

These are not cases they are just pieces of baking paper with several folds or slits and you just fold each piece over the next til you get a round shape.

Chef_mousiemousie, Mar 9, 9:58 pm

I buy them at Countdown, called tulip muffin wraps, come in brown and white and every now and then can get them with patterns on them.

Chef_madj, Mar 10, 10:32 am

mooshiesmum this is exactly what I was looking for. But still just cant imagine caterers making their own. The shop Uncle Bills has baking sheets, which would make making them easier I am thinking. Will give it a go. Thanks sue62 for starting the thread.

Chef_lynja, Mar 10, 5:25 pm

Thank you everyone for the replies.

Chef_sue62, Mar 10, 7:58 pm

I made my own 5 inch ones today with baking paper and did what was suggested above and shaped over small glass first. They worked extremely well, in fact much better than bought muffin liners which always stick. Hubby was impressed too. although they were a pain in the bum to cut up. Would definitely do again especially I wanted to 'impress' someone as they do look nice. BTW I did double chocolate banana muffins as I had two very ripe fruit that needed using., Mar 11, 7:46 am

Great, will be trying soon

Chef_sue62, Mar 11, 9:15 pm

I had no idea Countdown sold those, they're very cute! Wasted on my guys though, still a nice idea for 'special' presentation. Good thread thanks. :)

Chef_sampa, Mar 11, 10:33 pm

if you have a gilmours or toops local you can buy all sorts of these there for good price

Chef_ndew, Mar 12, 5:49 am

Teen daughter said today that the liners were just like 'cafe' ones lol!. they probably make the muffins taste better too!, Mar 13, 8:07 am

Yeah. I managed to buy a packet at Countdown today.
Great result. Thanks everyone

Chef_sue62, Mar 13, 8:16 am

Yes I meant to say I saw them in New World yesterday.

Chef_popeye333, Mar 14, 5:08 am

I saw them at PaknSave today

Chef_morticia, Mar 14, 5:09 am

I think about $3.90 for 24 liners (12 white patterned, 12 brown patterned), from Countdown

Chef_sue62, Dec 18, 9:07 am