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Hell - she only said "why not". I didn't see anything like a command. But your reaction has sure put me off making any suggestions.

Chef_yjeva, Mar 13, 1:49 am

funny that an old thread is again brought to the fore, I don't see how it fits the harvest glut but hey im not worried and yjeva you can have your own thoughts just as I have mine, no need to post to tell me you don't wanna post

Chef_motorbo, Mar 13, 9:35 am

Are you looking for one of Rose's recipes Ellie, I have most of her books.
I decided many years ago I would like to try being a vegetarian but if I didnt like the food I wouldnt. I had one vegetarian recipe book which was one of Rose's gems. Her food is so delicious I never went back to meat. Her recipes are easy to make, reliable and delicious. She has a website with some recipes.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 13, 6:34 pm

Ellie, thanks for bumping up DT4's carrot recipes. Now to find not-too-sweet carrots! ;-)

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Mar 13, 7:58 pm

ohhh thank you elliehen. ive not heard of rose Elliot but I do so understand the statement if I didn't like the food, see ive always disliked chickpeas whole in like a curry. last week I made a butter chicken and I split the sauce to make a chicken one and a chickpea one, the next day I tried the chickpea one again and omg yummm one day later the texture and flavours had changed and now I love it - its taking time but the more I eat vege the less I want meat, in fact that was the first chicken I had eaten in a long time, and I could have left it on the plate, I was so ho hum about it.

Chef_motorbo, Mar 13, 8:03 pm


Chef_bev00, Mar 14, 10:11 am

im after something for xmas, maybe like a nut roast . prefer nothing bathing in cheese, if anyone has a tried and true recipe that meat lovers even enjoy, thanks

Chef_motorbo, Nov 9, 4:17 am
There are some great recipes on there. I know that the recipes are vegan rather than vegetarian but you can adapt them.

Chef_nauru, Nov 9, 5:21 am

I normally make gluten steaks

I egg and bread crumb and fry the steaks then I mix a 1 litre bottle of mango nectar with 1 packet of french onion soup and pour over the steaks in a casserole dish (a lasagne dish is best)

Then I bake it for 30 to 40 minutes at around 180.

I only ever have this at christmas as it is very rich but it is delicious :)

Chef_ferita, Nov 9, 5:31 am

ferita, great recipe, where do you get your nutritional yeast from pls?

Chef_nauru, Nov 9, 5:35 am

thanks sam, that's the kind of recipe I was after, I don't mind cheese just didn't want it overloaded

ferita thank you . can I ask why its called gluten steaks?

Chef_motorbo, Nov 9, 5:39 am

For years I have made Rose Elliot's nut loaf recipe. It is made from cashews and a few pine nuts and is a white nut loaf with a stripe down the centre made from stuffing and parsley so it is white with a green stripe down the centre which makes it very attractive. This is always requested and tastes delicious.
It can be frozen uncooked and then cooked on christmas day which is always a bonus. It will be on google somewhere but if not would be happy to post the recipe here.

Chef_frances1266, Nov 9, 5:40 am

Fake Meat Loaf - you cant even tell it has not got any meat in it, tastes like chicken. Choepand fry one onion in butter, cool, add 4 beaten eggs, 2 tblspns soy sauce, 2 tblspns marmite/vegemite, 2 tblspns mixed herbs, mix, add 2 cups rolled oats, 2 cups cottage cheese, mix. Bake as a normal meat loaf, approx. one hour. I put hard boiled eggs down the middle sometimes too. It is a lovely loaf.

Chef_beverley63, Nov 9, 5:50 am

Want to add, it is a vey "sticky" mixture, that's how it is.

Chef_beverley63, Nov 9, 5:52 am

thank you . It sounds nice ive saved the recipe

frances, i shall see if i can find it

quote=beverley63]Fake Meat Loaf - you cant even tell it has not got any meat in it, tastes like chicken. Choepand fry one onion in butter, cool, add 4 beaten eggs, 2 tblspns soy sauce, 2 tblspns marmite/vegemite, 2 tblspns mixed herbs, mix, add 2 cups rolled oats, 2 cups cottage cheese, mix. Bake as a normal meat loaf, approx. one hour. I put hard boiled eggs down the middle sometimes too. It is a lovely loaf.[/quote]

Chef_motorbo, Nov 9, 6:33 am

Here's the recipe for "Rose Elliot's nut loaf" from the thread as in my posting at #5.

"Cashew Nut Roast with Herb Stuffing
(from Rose Elliot: A Vegetarian Christmas)

50gm margarine
1 large onion
225gm unroasted cashews
100gm white bread
2 large garlic cloves
200ml water or stock
salt and pepper
grated nutmeg
1TB lemon juice

• preheat the oven to 200C
• line a 450gm/1lb loaf tin with paper and grease with some of the margarine
• fry the onion in the margarine for 10 minutes at a low heat until soft but not browned
• grind the cashews in a food processor, then remove and process the bread until it is in crumbs
• place all other ingredients in the food processor and mix.
• put half of the cashew mix into the tin, top with the stuffing, then put the rest on top
• stand the loaf tin in a baking tray to catch any oozing oil, and bake for about 20 minutes until firm and browned
• remove from the oven, let stand for a few minutes, then slip a knife around the sides of the tin and turn out.

100gm white breadcrumbs
50gm margarine
1 small onion, grated
½ tsp. thyme
½ tsp. marjoram
25gm parsley, chopped

• process the bread in the food processor until it is crumbed
• add other stuffing ingredients and mix well

Quoteroshu (359 ) 2:39 pm,

Quote bev00 (1707 ) 10:57 pm, Fri 21 Dec #9" :-))

Chef_245sam, Nov 9, 7:30 am

In my copy of Rose Elliot's Christmas book it says to cook for 30 min and cover with foil if it is getting too brown. I dont use this copy of the recipe but need to think where I get it from. The recipe sounds like the one I use but not sure about the cooking time. I put baking paper on the top not foil. I will try and remember where I got it from and post an exact time. I think I cook it longer and maybe at a slightly lower temperature. I also add a handful of pine nuts with the cashews.

Chef_frances1266, Nov 9, 8:44 am

Rather than making a dreary fake "meat loaf" why not make your Christmas meal a celebration of vegetables. Make many beautiful vegetable dishes, including cooked salads such as eggplant, okra, capsicums, stuffed onion, chick peas or other legumes stewed in olive oil, roasted beetroot with tahini, plus raw salads of all kinds of lettuces, fresh herbs, rocket, red onions, tomato.

Edited to add: don't forget to include roasted kumara, warm or cool.

Chef_davidt4, Nov 9, 9:10 am

I really enjoy nut loaves and dont regard them as dreary fake meat loaves, they can be delicious in their own right.

Chef_frances1266, Nov 9, 9:40 am

the beauty of free choice is I can make what I want for my xmas, and not what a complete stranger tells me I should have

Chef_motorbo, Nov 9, 7:45 pm

Well said

Chef_blt10, Nov 9, 7:46 pm

This is the cooking directions from Rose's latest book New Complete Vegetarian (has many vegan recipes). Oven 180, cover the loaf with baking paper and a top covering of foil, bake 45 min then take coverings off and bake a further 15 mins until golden brown. This recipe has appeared in many of her books over the years and this is what I do. I sometimes freeze it uncooked and thaw it overnight and cook as above. She says she makes double the quantity and bakes it in a 900g narrow loaf tin. It is also very good cold, sliced and served with pickles.

Chef_frances1266, Nov 9, 8:41 pm

My favourite vegetarian special occasion meal is mushroom wellington, it does have some blue cheese but I use less that what the recipe calls for and it's not too cheesy. It's delicious!

Chef_huggy5, Nov 9, 8:44 pm

thanks Francis, and Sam for the recipe, and huggy too I shall check that one out, nice to know you can save the recipes to your own computer and have this here online for a year! in case like me your computer crashes lol

Chef_motorbo, Nov 9, 8:52 pm

Popped back in here to get 245sams recipe, going to try that this week, and saw my fake meat loaf called dreary! the cheek of david! It is certainly not dreary, after having it warm with vegies, esp mashed spuds, next day it is lovely cold and sliced in salad sammies for lunches at work. If any is left, I chop it into biggish cubes, cook spaghetti, add tomato pasta sauce, and its vegie spag bol. Very nice. Don't knock it til you have tried it david, and I now am calling my meat loaf "exciting fake meat loaf".

Chef_beverley63, Nov 10, 11:19 pm

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