Old Edmonds cookbook- Edition & year please

pink-dragon, Mar 10, 8:41am
I have Edmonds cook book minus its cover and the first few pages so have lost the index and the front pages with edition information.I am hoping someone has the same edition so I can date this one.I have a complete 1959 Edition so I know it is not this one but it is in similar format ie Red recipe heading and blue writing, stapled together not ringbound with the 2 tone pink/red sunrise logo atthe top of each 'chapter'.Page 9 and 10 are colour pictures.Neenish tarts and meringures pg 30, coffee cake pg 22, chocolate log pg 19 and whitebait fritters pg 55.If a fellow cookbook collector could look in their stash and see if their Edmonds book matches this one I would be grateful.

june126, Mar 10, 8:59am
I fished out my mother-in-law's battered, tattered copy and found the front page in among some pages (it was loose), the book is identical to what you have described and going by the the front page it is the fifth printing of the De Luxe Edition 1962 of the Edmonds Sure to Rise cook book.

accroul, Mar 11, 4:21am
I have the 1955 De Luxe Edition - no photos pg 9/10 - in fact none of the photo pages are numbered, only recipe pages are numbered.
Wonder what the difference is between Edmonds Baking Powder & Edmonds CAKE Baking Powder!

jessie981, Mar 11, 4:56am
Missing front cover & inside under De Luxe Edition, latest is listed, 16th printing 1978.
Has coloured baking photos. Under Cake Baking Powder, accroul, says
this section is complied so that the housewife can continue to do her own baking when eggs are scarce or expensive or for egg-free diets.
Edmonds Cake Baking Powder is made to the same strength as Acto & Sure To Rise. It contains a yellow colour (not derived from eggs) which colours the baked product.

elliehen, Mar 11, 5:01am

pogram0, Mar 11, 7:26am
Mine also has its front cover missing but page numbers you mention have the same recipes. I got married in 1967 so would have purchased it around that time.

pink-dragon, Mar 11, 7:52am
Tis often the best recipe books that are missing pages and covers - shows lots of use and love :-)

jaky, Mar 11, 8:18am
I have the same one with a ripped of cover but missing next page. Assumed it was an early 60's one as I have a complete 70's one too & that isn't stapled together. Edmonds must have got fancier by then & it has the spiral centre thingy & some pretty retro photos lol

jaky, Mar 11, 8:21am
My 70's one list the deluxe edition printing as: 5th printing 1962 80,000, 6th printing 1964 80,00, 7th printing 1966 80,00, 8th printing 1967 80,00, 9th printing 1968 80,00 & 10th printing 1969 80,00. (only listed the 60's ones)

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