Looking for a recipe for matchsticks (biscuits)

doppio, Apr 11, 6:26am
I have decided to do a "Julie & Julia" with my mum & nanas recipes - they were both awsome bakers. There is one recipe that we have been unable to find, & I wondered if any of you lovely ladies might be able to help me. It is for a biscuit called matchsticks - they had a biscuity base, and a topping that had egg whites & ground almonds in it. Mum used to cut them into fingers, & they were just divine. I really appreciate any help you can give me - Mrs D

jessie981, Apr 11, 6:40am
I use a short base for these.
125gr butter
125gr sugar
1 egg
225gr flour
1tsp b/powder

Cream Butter & sugar, add egg & beat. Add flour & b/powder. Knead, roll out fairly thin & cut into shape.
Bake 10 -15 mins @160 approx. Remove form oven & top with meringue
1 egg whites
2ozs sugar
Beat white until still, fold in sugar & beat.
Top cooked shortcake & finalyy chopped nuts.
Return to oven & cook until meringue sets.

Enjoy. I love them but haven't baked for awhile,

doppio, Jan 22, 3:19pm
Thanks jessie - thats just what I was looking for. I've mastered their pav recipe (only took 3 attempts), so this will be next on the list.

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