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poppy62, Apr 6, 10:00pm
Is anyone else as dissapointed with the food channel as much as I am? I used to love sitting down after the 6oclock news and watch the programmes like Barefoot Contessa, Nigella, Paula Dern... . but now there is nothing that inspires me to watch. I loathe the Hairy Bikers and Market Kitchen does nothing for me either!

melp6, Apr 6, 10:02pm
I am, maybe I just stick with the names I kwow but there is hardly anything I watch.

I do like 5 ingredient fix though

poppy62, Apr 6, 10:03pm
5 ingredient fix isnt much good for me cause I tend to go overboard and add about 16 different more things anyway - ha ha!

2halls, Apr 6, 11:58pm
Well I think it just goes to show you can't please everybody all of the time ... because I enjoy the Hairy Bikers, love Market Kitchen and couldn't stand another minute of Nigella or Paula Dern ! Each to their own ... :-)

uli, Apr 7, 12:25am
Hmmm - what about going out into the garden and grow some food instead?

I have never had a tv - so cannot comment on the "substance" of programs - but I can see how lovely it is to hold the hose, water the veges, pick what I want to eat tonight and listen to the birds settling down for the night ...

2halls, Apr 7, 12:34am
Oh Uli, take off your sack cloth and ashes ! TV ownership and vegetable gardening are not mutually exclusive ... one can do both !

uli, Apr 7, 12:39am
Of course you can do both - I have never said you cannot.
However I cannot comment on any programs if I haven't got TV LOL :)
Or is that too difficult to comprehend?

2halls, Apr 7, 12:42am
No, not too difficult at all. Therefore you shouldn't bother to come into a thread you know nothing about. LOL.

poppy62, Apr 7, 1:59am
I agree 2halls! I garden and I watch the odd bit of tele - nothing wrong with that! I also like to find interesting ways in which to cook my home grown vege - sheesh! ! !

buzzy110, Apr 7, 3:55am
So you don't like uli's opinion. Well you shouldn't have titled this thread "To All You Foodies Out There" then. And if the programming isn't to your tastes why call in all other Foodies for their opinion?

Quite frankly, anyone who sits in front of the TV watching cooking programmes has less claim to the title "Foodie" than someone who spends a good deal of her time producing and preparing food in ways you wouldn't even know where to start. ]

When was the last time you made any lacto fermented bread, vegetables or drinks. When was the last time you reared, killed and processed your own pig into salami, smoked ham, rillettes and carefully prepared offal dishes? When was the last time you gave a recipe that didn't involve the same old stuff that NZers have been eating forever?

buzzy110, Apr 7, 3:56am
Do you even know what rilletes are? Can you even say it? Have you ever tasted it?

poppy62, Apr 7, 4:04am
Gee Buzzy! ! ! Have you got your period? ? ? Where did all that come from?

buzzy110, Apr 7, 4:11am
Gee poppy - a case of selective reading?

buzzy110, Apr 7, 4:12am
And another 'nice' post from 2halls. This went unremarked by you as well. Selective reading again?

buzzy110, Apr 7, 4:14am
Luckily for me I have never suffered from PMT. Maybe you should check out your foodie food. There maybe something in all that wonderful baking making you see PMT everywhere. lol

2halls, Apr 7, 5:01am
buzzy110, before you get your feelers into any more of a knot, you should note the at the snide comments ALWAYS come from Uli first. I do not dispute her knowledge, but why it has to come with an inherent put down of others is beyond me. So before you go 'pointing the bone' at me, please read the entire thread and note where the 'issue' began. I, like many others, am getting heartily fed up with certain "know alls" dominating this board and putting off people who have genuine questions. It is none of anybody elses business whether somebody wants to watch tv, or consume food that they personally don't approve of. End of rant ! ! :-)

uli, Apr 7, 5:38am
Well I can see that you have a "genuine Question" here. Sorry to have "invaded" your lovely thread and put my opinion in - it won't happen again.

However what I note is the absence of any people with tv commenting ... LOL :)

Now why would that be?

poppy62, Apr 7, 6:44am
Thanks 2halls! I started a very innocent thread and wished I hadnt! I dont know what seemed to get up the noses of some people? I merely asked if anyone else is finding the food channel a bit boring and I respect people opinions but not when it gets unnecessarily nasty!

vintagekitty, Apr 7, 6:47am
oh my god, how pathetic. Buzzy you and uli remind me of batman and robin, it seems you are always on her tail, defending her snide comments, bringing up the rear.

vintagekitty, Apr 7, 6:48am
dont worry about it, just ignore it

poppy62, Apr 7, 7:03am
Thanks for that! I am fairly new to this so I guess I am still sussing people out.

eastie3, Apr 7, 7:07am
Hi poppy, I'm not a fan of the hairy bikers either !

The Food Channel must have bought the entire run of Market Kitchen, it certainly plays often enough.

vintagekitty, Apr 7, 7:08am
cool, everyone is really nice and offer lots of help and good advice. I used to post over a year ago (or was it 2 years? )but got sick of the uber sour comments, now just ignore.

mwood, Apr 7, 7:29am
- variety - there's enough crap to suit everyone lol - I can't stand thatBogan with the trailer trash misnomer "Nigella"

griffo4, Apr 7, 8:25am
OMG parenting has moved to here, scary,

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