People who are banned

are they never allowed back in? I kind of miss elliehen, sorry not sure how to spell her name.
She was a clever dude :-)

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 20, 5:37 pm

I miss her intelligent, witty input too.
One of the better posters & thesmall minded ones got her deleted . damned shame.
I started a thread 'bring back elliehen' & TM in their wisdom (position of power) canned it.

Chef_samanya, Mar 20, 6:24 pm

I think she got a lifetime ban as have some others. I'll agree about the small minded ones as I never saw her post anything that was in the least nasty, or insulting. I found her posts interesting, humorous and helpful. Some banned posters will be missed more than others, I guess. And there are so many that used to post helpful and interesting advice, but due to the same small minds, no longer post.

Chef_kay141, Mar 20, 7:08 pm

Posters even get banned from Recipees?

Chef_melcraig, Mar 20, 7:12 pm

A banning covers the whole message board, it may have happened in any section, But as I understand she has been gone a long time. as in at least a year?.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 20, 7:16 pm

Oh, yes. They argue over the correct way to make something, someone gets their knickers in a twist and Bingo.

Chef_kay141, Mar 20, 7:16 pm

Bring elliehen back please.

Chef_anna95, Mar 21, 7:15 am

Yes elliehen was so much fun, clever posts and really helpful.

Very sad, a great loss to this and the other Boards she used to post on.

Chef_nfh1, Mar 21, 7:51 am

Oh, this is like a Bring Back Buck thread!
I'm sure Ellie will be having a chuckle, although she and Uli have probably moved on from their messageboard days.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Mar 21, 8:05 am

Nah< I'm betting she's brassed off with herself, and wishes she could pop back in and sock it to us

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 21, 8:54 am

I feel sure elliehen is still reading and enjoying and probably occasionally wishes she could participate. However elliehen has a life - a very full and fulfilling one - so she probably isn't suffering any real angst.
Don't forget she is still trading and has some great books for sale and something like 10% of what she gets for her sales go to helping a children's literacy programme. I think I have that right - might be some detail incorrect.

In short - elliehen is one of the best-liked people on the forums and her banning is incomprehensible - she may have been sharp and to the point but never offensive.

Now who is going to start a 'bring back Uli' thread?

Chef_esther-anne, Mar 21, 9:44 am

Well said EA!

Chef_samanya, Mar 21, 11:55 am

I remember her most as being a member of the spelling police. I wonder how much post 'voting off' she indulged in as well.

Chef_paora-tm, Mar 21, 12:38 pm

To be honest, I cannot imagine her 'voting off' any posts, does not seem to be her style at all. Far too clever with words to bother with that.

Chef_nfh1, Mar 21, 12:45 pm

Whatever an individual remembers her for . this forum is the poorer for her absence.

Chef_samanya, Mar 21, 1:02 pm

I miss Ellie too and cant imagine why she was banned. Hope she comes back one day.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 21, 1:27 pm

I doubt that will happen. Some of the small minds are still posting.

Chef_kay141, Mar 21, 3:00 pm

One of them seems to target me constantly.

Chef_samanya, Mar 21, 4:19 pm

Well I really miss her as well and will sign any petition.

Chef_strebor1, Mar 21, 5:17 pm

I have noticed that Ellie was missing. God some people are pathetic. Why go out of your way to have someone banned. In my experience on these boards it is quite often the good'un that gets the short shrift.

Chef_jia5, Mar 21, 6:06 pm

Free speech? Except on TM maybe. I have had a warning for using a totally made up word and also for quoting a 40 year old comment from a favourite female friend of the time. Let's just say that calling someone a dog is OK but the comment was an observation by a young Girl Guide leader who reckoned her charges could be the female equivalents.

I'm sure that if Elliehen really wanted, she could reappear under another name easily enough.

We miss several of the male posters banned from the Motoring thread too.

Chef_socram, Mar 21, 7:34 pm

Elliehen wasn't the one who should have copped a life time banning but that which should have will one day run out of luck. There are plenty who will be all over it like white on rice, just to keep it in theme with the category here.

Chef_morticia, Mar 21, 7:38 pm

Crikey, all the hen love. She must have posted something really bad for TM to ban her. It hardly seems likely that the ban was brought about by multiple complaints about her.

Edit: Corrected bought with brought just in case she's watching. I hope I haven't made any other errors. lol

Chef_paora-tm, Mar 21, 7:44 pm

Rumour has it, there is a group with TM on speed dial. The story is that only one has to dislike a poster and they will gang up to get them banned. Not sure how true it is but I have seen some things which raise my suspicions.

Chef_kay141, Mar 21, 7:51 pm

Going on recent experience I can absolutely believe that.

Chef_paora-tm, Mar 21, 8:00 pm

I'm pretty sure I could name a couple that are still here & apparently even if you are banned, you can still dob . so make that three.

Chef_samanya, Mar 21, 8:00 pm

Yes, that is plain to see.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 21, 11:47 pm

I think there are three still posting on this board alone, goodness knows how many there are who don't or can't post but still complain.

Chef_kay141, Mar 22, 1:18 pm

Yes, that is plain to see. ;o)

Chef_samanya, Mar 22, 6:16 pm

Great thread _ NOT. Get back to the recipes people.

Chef_tui93, Mar 22, 9:12 pm

Rather seems to me that TM is on the decline and banning Ellihen is one more reason for their decline. I used to buy things on TM but hate the new formats of displaying goods for sale etc that I don't bother much anymore.

Chef_pogram0, Mar 23, 8:02 am

Well it wasn't intended to end up this way, but seems that's the way it goes in recipes. I don't know who on EARTH they're talking about

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 23, 8:30 am

Isn't the final decision with Trade Me on banning posters? Or have I got that wrong?
This is all ancient history. I'm with Tui, after all we've got no choice but to put up with decisions Trade Me make. It is their messageboard after all!

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Mar 23, 8:42 am

It is only one thread out of 100s.

Chef_socram, Mar 23, 9:49 am


Chef_mjhdeal, Mar 23, 10:35 am

'let sleeping dogs lie'

Chef_pickles7, Mar 23, 10:48 am

Maybe the subject would die if the complainers stopped contacting TM every time someone disagreed with them. As long as that happens and good posters are banned, these threads will keep arising.

Chef_kay141, Mar 23, 11:47 am

Of course, those who would like the doggies to sleep would say that! Their paws aint clean.

Chef_cookessentials, Mar 25, 11:08 am

I certainly miss elliehen.

Chef_schnauzer11, Mar 26, 3:08 pm

What a well worded post & astute as well.

Chef_samanya, Mar 26, 3:26 pm

Really? Elliehen upset someone? I find that hard to believe of this erudite woman who has been kindness itself to me on these boards. I don't know her personally but she has gone out of her way to provide me with information and good reading material. I have been warned recently too - for a one word post amongst other messages of thinly veiled troll-like put- downs. Trademe - we miss Elliehen, please reconsider your ban.

Chef_junie2, Apr 9, 11:43 pm

Thanks Samanya

Chef_cookessentials, Apr 16, 11:56 am

I have been wondering why all Elliehen's posts were deleted! Sorry to read she has been banned. I always found her posts very informative.

Chef_mustu, Apr 20, 8:24 pm

Good heavens! Fishpants has gone awol too! Who would have guessed?

Chef_hezwez, Jun 29, 2:03 pm


Chef_samanya, Jun 29, 3:01 pm

Will make it hard to post with both identities now banned.

Chef_kay141, Jun 29, 3:07 pm

Waves to you all!

Chef_uli, Jul 9, 3:00 pm

Did you have to bump this thread?
Yep, I guess you did.

Chef_samanya, Jul 9, 5:08 pm

I bow my head and steady my grip, nice to see you are back uli. great! so someone at last, read my letters.

Chef_pickles7, Jul 9, 5:11 pm

ellie is an excellent trader, and was an excellent resource for this forum as well as others.

Chef_autumnwinds, Mar 29, 4:50 am

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