Le Creuset.worth it?

I've always wanted a Le Creuset round dutch oven but don't know anyone with personal experience. For those of you who do use them do you think they're worth the price? Any regrets?

Chef_modulemoe, Jan 30, 9:02 pm

I bought mine back from London over 25 years ago and have used it pretty much every week since then. I don't know how much they cost now so can't comment on whether they are worth it. What I do know is that I use it all the time unlike many many other kitchen appliances and gadgets that have passed through my kitchen only to be re-homed because they didn't get used.

Chef_jaffa77, Jan 30, 10:37 pm

I desperately wanted one too but wasn't sure that I'd use it enough to justify the enormous cost. So I bought a cheap version from Briscoes (they had a sale on, would you believe it) and we use it often. It's fabulous and was less than $100 - I can't remember the exact price but it was a fraction of le creuset. I figured that if it turned out we used it heaps we could think about upgrading.

I'd feel bad replacing it with a fancypants one now. It'd probably wonder what it had done wrong.

Chef_drommy, Jan 31, 5:17 am

I have wondered how you clean them? Does the inside stain/deteriorate over time?

Chef_sylvia, Jan 31, 2:44 pm

The enamel ones are dead easy to clean - even baked-on food comes off easily after a brief soak.

I would not pay local prices for Le Creuset, though. I got most of mine from Amazon UK - even with shipping it was a fraction of the price here.

Chef_daisyhill, Jan 31, 3:18 pm

I went through exactly the same scenario - I wanted one for years but could never justify the cost. The 'hankering' got to me in the end and to silence it I bought one - all sorts of justifications! I waited until one came up on sale. No regrets! I don't use it a lot but do get so much pleasure out of it and know it will be passed on down through my family. I think the cheaper versions would be just as good - you're buying the name.

Chef_adina22, Jan 31, 3:18 pm

If my house was burning down I would run in and save my LC pots and pans. You get the picture!?

Chef_barbs77, Jan 31, 5:07 pm

On the Briscoe's page, is this the kind of Dutch Oven to which is referred?


Chef_lindylambchops1, Jan 31, 7:07 pm

Errr. what is meant by a Dutch Oven? A Casserole dish with lid? I am not sure?

Chef_lindylambchops1, Jan 31, 7:14 pm

I know I'm just buying the name but there is just something about it that makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I didn't think about amazon uk as I'm so use to the american one not shipping things like that here. I've just looked and it would be $70-100 difference depending on the size although I'm comparing that to current sale prices. I'm a little worried that it may be handled roughly in shipping which might weaken the enamel. I know I'm probably just being super precious and even though I can afford it I can't afford to run out and get a new one.

Chef_modulemoe, Jan 31, 7:17 pm

Had one for a few years (were available on Flybuys for a short time) and came with a griddle, both of them have been incredibly useful and showing no sign of wear. Nowadays tend to buy kitchen items for the long term as became fed up with cheaper stuff that's false economy. Although having said that Scanpan pans have been a bit of a disappointment.

Chef_amusos, Jan 31, 7:35 pm

I don't have experience with LC, I have chosen to buy Staub after reading lots of reviews and blogs where owners of both brands compared them and the overwhelming opinion was in favour of Staub. Staub matte black enamel gets better with use, brass knobs on lids, lids with self basting spikes, comfortable handles. I use it nearly every day, lots of things can be done with them including dry roasting/baking. The only rule for enameled cast iron is to avoid thermal shocks, don't pour cold liquid in hot pot or put a cold one in the hot oven. Cooking with it is like cooking with raw cast iron and more including acidic food, but with less care, no need to oil after use and easy to clean too. I have two now, one 20cm pot bough here and another 14cm from overseas. I want to buy more, smaller sizes, can't buy here, only available from overseas.

Chef_lenart, Jan 31, 7:58 pm


This is the sort of thing that I bought - mine is possibly a different brand (can't remember!) but it was certainly the sort of price that I paid. Mine's green.

There could be a reason that I'm not aware of to buy a fancypants brand, but I've done some really good food in mine and a week doesn't go past without us using it. Plus it sits on our stovetop all the time and it looks right proud of itself!

Edited to add that a dutch oven might be something entirely different! i'm a pleb.

Chef_drommy, Jan 31, 9:31 pm

I have the stock pot - love it - got it from Amazon US - I'd buy more of them

Chef_anne74, Jan 31, 9:35 pm

This is the Briscoes one I recently bought at a real bargain price. I'm not sorry, it's used a lot. Not so much for casseroles at this time of year, but I do bake bread in it.

Chef_jynx66, Jan 31, 10:23 pm

I have a very very old NZ radiantware green enamelled cast iron pan which is excellent. I trawl second hand shops for these - so good. Also I have an LC pot I bought in France and a larger one found damaged on Trademe -still very usable. I also got a tiny LC pot second hand on Trademe I have used nearly everyday for many many years and an LC frypan I got through Fly buys. I found a large LC griddle at a second hand market. My experience is that LC is a dream to cook with. Recently my partner bought a cheap cast iron pan through Briscoes and it is a nightmare - doesn't heat evenly, has buckled in the middle and the surface is rough and the lid doesn't seem to fit properly. I will never again buy anything but Le Creuset or NZ Radiantware (if I can find the latter). I don't even know why people bother with things like stonedine etc.

Chef_toffeey, Jan 31, 11:09 pm

I am in my forties.
Which I had purchased it twenty years earlier

My only regret, I wanted a 26 inch . But didn't get it in the sale. So purchased a 22 inch - it is/was too small

So then had to purchase a bigger one.
I use them both, but love love love my 28 inch

If I only had one pot, that would serve me well

Chef_duckmoon, Jan 31, 11:19 pm

I think I went to the sale to by a 24 inch
They had sold out
Didn't know if i should get 22 or 26.
Jumped towards the 22
Realized my mistake

Saved again. Was aiming for 26 inch, but got to the sale, and though "sim big" and got a 28 inch
Didn't regret it

Still use the smaller one

Chef_duckmoon, Jan 31, 11:25 pm

I suspect the right answer is that there's no right answer (or wrong answer).

Those that have LC swear by them. Those that have cheaper alternatives swear by them. (I've had mine for a few years by the way, have used it on the stove top and in the oven and there's been no buckling etc, it's been great.) Win-win - you get to justify whichever you prefer! Perfeck!

Chef_drommy, Jan 31, 11:45 pm


Levis versus Kmart jeans.
Zambessi versus Framers clothes.

Need I say more?

Chef_lythande1, Feb 1, 7:59 am

I think I'll just bite the bullet and get one but I'll go large and get the 28cm. I did look into staub but don't like the black interior. The eventually staining of the le creuset doesn't bother me as when I look at it I think about the meals the pot must have made and all the memories that go with it.

Chef_modulemoe, Feb 1, 8:22 am

I always thought it was a cast iron pot with a lid that had a rim so you could sit it in charcoal and put charcoal on top to heat the lid. But Wikipedia agrees its pretty much a casserole dish with a lid of many different types.

Chef_beaker59, Feb 1, 11:07 am

Not quite the same, but had a higher end Le Creuset pan. did not like. Circulon is now my choice by a long way.

Chef_twindizzy, Feb 1, 11:29 am

The instructions for LC tell you how to use bleach to remove any stains. I do that every so often and it Returns it to looking like it was brand new. I doubt you will regret your investment.

Chef_jaffa77, Feb 1, 11:34 am

I have heaps of Le Creuset (I collect them). Love them and wouldn't use anything else. I'm sure the copies that sell in Warehouse or Briscoes probably do a reasonable job but I guess its a bit like do you want Watties Tomato sauce or Pams? Same product, one just a better quality (IMO). Invest, you'll never regret it. I have grill plates, kettle, dutch ovens, bakeware, almost one of every kind product they make. Makes a great display in Kitchen too. PS Le Creuset make their own cleaner for the pots so buy that and they will stay like new forever. Kind of thing that can be passed down too over the generations. Oh, if you're still unsure, buy a second hand one off TM and see how you like it.

Chef_oakcottage, Feb 1, 11:52 am

Thanks for taking the time to answer my query! I never thought to check out Wikipedia lol

Chef_lindylambchops1, Feb 1, 8:27 pm

for those of you who are looking at buying LC… table pride dot co dot nz has a closing down sale with reduced prices on LC. Some good savings to be had….

Chef_lanceandkathrin, Feb 6, 8:00 pm

I'm late to reply to this, but we have never had any trouble with the (extremely quick) shipping from the UK. The pots come in their proper LC boxes, including the little plastic bits between the lid and main pot, and that is then packed in another sturdy cardboard box. I suppose there is always a risk with anything that is sent through the mail, but there is no particular reason to worry in this case.

Chef_daisyhill, Feb 6, 8:13 pm

Purchased both mine via FlyBuys too. They are still available but you need approx 1800 points. Superb for curries, casseroles etc. Confident they will last my lifetime!

Chef_rumpelstiltskin, Feb 6, 9:50 pm

When my husband moved in he had a huge set of LC! He loves them. Me not so much after dropping the skillet on my foot!

Chef_tielfan, Feb 6, 10:04 pm

A 28 INCH pan? Giggles. 28cm definitely.

Chef_firemansgirl, Feb 6, 10:47 pm

Ops, you are right

Chef_duckmoon, Feb 6, 11:15 pm

good info here

Chef_bev00, Feb 7, 12:40 am

Yep, that would end the love affair. with the pans at least, hope hubby was a keeper. ;-)

Chef_sampa, Feb 7, 10:30 am

Not quite the same but had a very expensive Le Creuset pan and it was crap. Circulon all the way (old circulon not new).

Chef_twindizzy, Feb 7, 10:56 am

I wanted an LC but couldn't afford it, bought a very similar looking one from Stevens about 6/7 years ago and and I love it. Very heavy, great for stove top to oven and back and have no issues with cleaning. I am sure that things taste better out of it than from a glass casserole. And then the colour was exactly right for my kitchen, didn't really want red or orange.
It's oval which fits lots in.

Chef_patsprat, Feb 7, 1:47 pm

Try YouShop, the NZ Post service where you get stuff sent to their address in USA, Europe or China. Works esp well if free shipping is offered as then only pay for their address to NZ. I've used it a few times, mainly for nutritional supplements which are way cheaper than NZ even with shipping.

Edit - I'm a Staub fan.

Chef_artemis, Feb 7, 1:57 pm

yes me too, I use mine at least once a week.

Chef_teddy147, Feb 7, 7:36 pm

Wife won a set , never been used, just sitting in a box.
They are too heavy for her to use, and also we have other pots and pans to use, also slow cookers.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 21, 9:49 pm

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