HURRY HURRY Its Back... For a Limited Time...

mss2006, Jan 25, 4:14am
I stopped into KFC today and I could not believe it. KFC has reintroduced its Bean Salad in family size for a limited time! I did not try it this time but if its the same recipe of old I will be stocking up and freezing it! Has anyone tried it yet, is it the same?

cookessentials, Jan 25, 4:52am
Have not been near a KFC in 16years.

davidt4, Jan 25, 5:11am
Ditto - more like 25 years. Once was enough!

kirinesha, Jan 25, 5:12am
Shudder at the thought.

angiejay, Jan 25, 5:13am
yum thanks

pickles7, Jan 25, 5:15am
Try this ... . mss2006... .
Dressing for bean salad...
I buy cans of cooked beans for this. I try and keep 2 cans in the fridge, all the time.
Dressing... . Simmer, 1 1/4 cups of malt vinegar, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1/2 cup of water, 1 Tblsp honey, 1 Tblsp oil, 1 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tsp soy sauce, pepper to taste. cool. Pour over drained beans, try and leave the salad in the fridge a while before using.

malcovy, Jan 25, 5:56am
I loved KFC bean salad. Tradesdaughter have you made the bean salad?

nfh1, Jan 25, 6:04am
We stopped for some KFC one day as I had heard everyone raving about it. It was dreadful, tepid and like rubber. I took it back in as I thought it was faulty and the girl said it always tasted like that!

Never been back to one since.

allspices, Jan 26, 12:40am
I really missed KFC's bean salad when it stopped being sold! In spite of my search for a home made version I never found one as tasty. I might have to return to KFC - just for the salad, although I loved their chicken too - was always so tender!

strange, Jan 26, 1:02am
Alison holst does a really great sweet and sour bean salad. Very simple with easy ingredients. . Its in her meals without meat book

talent.scout, Jan 26, 1:04am
This is pretty much what we use too! But what are wax beans?

i use a large pack of frozen green beans - cooked and drained - and two tins of kidney beans of the three bean mix... . and rest is the same - but I add a tonne of cracked pepper for the black freckled look that KFC bean salad had.

honestly - these bean salad recipes are the same as KFC. (so my islander a nd maori expert kfc critic family say! )


lil_miss_haley, Jan 26, 1:25am
My dad will be exited, he loves KFC bean salad lol.

245sam, Jan 26, 1:28am
talent. scout, wax beans are aka butter beans - not easily found here in cans but available as frozen beans - they look like the usual green beans but the outer is yellow instead of green e. g. the "select beans butter" on this link (no picture unfortunately):- aspx

I make a very popular bean salad that's close to being a KFC version - it's very similar to the above recipe except that I usually cook the red kidney beans myself and I use frozen green and butter beans. :-))

smchkn, Jan 26, 3:04am
OMG yummo

tehenga288, Jan 26, 5:30am
have you tried frozen beansalad? I can't imagine it

alig65, Jan 26, 10:28pm
I was extremelly(sp) dissapointed with the KFC Bean Salad that I tried the other day. Where were all the other bean varieties, it only had green beans and Red Kidney beans. Yes it was rubbery (sp) and I unfortunately won't be going back! !

plastik, Jan 27, 8:06pm
Hi pickles7- what brand of beans do you buy? as i would love to try your recipe

pickles7, Jul 17, 10:52am
I probably used craigs three bean... Any cans of beans would be ok to use

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