tommi2, Mar 8, 8:42am
Have loads of wild blackberries growing at the back of my section. What can i do with them, shame to let them go to waste, would prefer savoury recipes but anything would be nice. TIA

rainrain1, Mar 8, 9:05am
apple and blackberry pie, or blackberry jelly jam

fruitluva2, Mar 8, 9:07am
Freeze lots free flow then they won't waste. Yummm
Sorry don't have anything savoury for them. And I like them on the plum torte recipe mmmm

mwood, Mar 8, 9:20am
oh yes blackberry pies the rest for blackberry schnapps

alig65, Mar 8, 7:52pm
Freeze the extra's for later on when you crave them out of season. You lucky thing to have an abundance, Mum had a special 'patch' (on the farm before they sold up) that Dad was not allowed to spray, but was allowed to 'trim' to keep under control! ! !

indy95, Mar 8, 9:35pm
Tommi2, if you use the search box on the left of the screen you will find a number of threads on blackberries which should give you some ideas.

luckyduck, Mar 8, 10:55pm
Yes lucky you. Freeze them and bring them out during winter for pies and jelly etc. I had four small plants on our farm that I told the husband NOT to spray. Guess what, he sprayed them. He forgot! ! . Man did he get an earful when I found them gone LOL. I will just have to 'cultivate' some more.

alig65, Mar 9, 3:53am
Typical Male! He'll be the first one to gripe in the winter when he can't have a Blackberry and Apple pie or freshly made Blackberry Jam/Jellie on his morning toast! !

daleaway, Mar 9, 4:26am
We set them raw into a red jelly - port wine jelly is nice. A nice light summer pudding.

dezzie, Mar 9, 4:47am
lol ok thats it, I'm going roadside searching out the backblocks tomorrow, I have the apples (lovely local orchard sells bags of about 15 kg of pet apples for $6, excellent for sauce and freezing), so an addition of blackberry to my mix for winter pies will be scrummy.

luckyduck, Oct 14, 5:48pm
alig65, you are right. He is ploughing through the blackberry jelly I made recently from last years berries.

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