Im a new "Low carber"

noangelliveshea, Jan 18, 3:36am
started on saturday & am really enjoying it so far. I dont know heaps about it and have a lot to learn, but im on to the basics of good food.
Ive been having 1 or 2 fried eggs (in a little butter) and steamed veg for breakfast. 100g tuna or other type of meat & salad or steamed veg or stirfry veg. Dinner is harder for me because i have to cook for my partner, who loves his meat +3 veg, pasta, rice, cheesey kind of foods.
Im enjoying learning about the foods im eating instead of just eating it!! Im pretty suprised though that im not craving sweet foods, i love ice cream & chocolate.
Currently weighing aprox 55kg at 162.5 (i think). so i dont have much to lose, its mainly to get healthier.

Any tips, recipes or ideas would be appreciated :)

Also posted in health and beauty, and then thought it suits this board a bit better

noangelliveshea, Jan 18, 3:39am
first question.... i have a coffee during the day, it has 2 tsp of sugar, is it bad?should i cut that out?

beaker59, Jan 18, 3:53am
I taught myself to prefer my coffee and tea unsweetened after a while you can't go back forget artificials just cut it out.

accroul, Jan 18, 3:59am
Short answer is 'Yes'.
Longer answer is - replace the sugar with Splenda & then slowly cutthat down (& out). 2tsp of sugar will give you a 'nice' insulin spike (unwanted), Splenda will apparently do this too - but to a lesser degree (imo).

noangelliveshea, Jan 18, 4:02am
I dont hold coffee very dear to me, so it will be cut out completely - no loss! I can see the grocery bill being cut down by a lot, not buying all the extra items that arent needed (dp will still have them but will still cost less)

noangelliveshea, Jan 18, 4:04am
I find that i still get a bit hungry, i have quite decent sized meals too. Could that be because im still getting used to the fat and what not thats cut out now ?

beaker59, Jan 18, 4:20am
All lifestyle changes will leave you with hungry spots or missed rituals. Time and dedication are the cures.

uli, Jan 18, 5:34am
Why would you cut out fat?

kiwibubbles, Jan 18, 5:46am
not to sound critical or anything, cos i dont know the full story but if you don't need to lose weight, then why cut out carbs. If your aim is to be heathier, then just eat balanced meals (including carbs).

kiwibubbles, Jan 18, 5:47am
carbs are not unhealthy - everything in moderation ya know blah blah lol

uli, Jan 18, 6:03am
People cut out carbs not only to lose weight but also because they want to be healthier - blood sugar spikes after every meal is not healthy - and that is what carbs do to your body.
So eating less carbs - and the ones you DO eat come from veges and a little fruit and dairy and nuts and not from potatoes, pasta, rice or grains - and you have a much healthier diet.

vintagekitty, Jan 18, 6:24am
I dont do low carb, so have no advice, but at 55kg, you are not a lard arse at all. Dont lose too much weight, stay healthy

noangelliveshea, Jan 18, 6:47am
by fat i mean mcdonalds, ice creams, the odd pie, chocolate!we have/had a bad habbit of popping into shops for the above items! I know im no fattie, its a personal choice to live a healthier lifestyle. its only the beggining, and im really enjoying it so far.

elliehen, Jan 18, 7:36am
Many low carbers love their chocolate - especially with 100% cocoa solids.

I am a 'moderate-carber' and enjoy Whittaker's 72% Dark Ghana.

accroul, Jan 18, 6:33pm
The darker the better! I had a piece of white 'chocolate' last night. It felt like it was burning the back of my throat!

bedazzledjewels, Jan 18, 6:44pm
That's good to hear Accroul.
I've found the same with carrots - way too sweet.

taniajane, Jan 18, 11:43pm
Interesting.ive been following a few of the low carb threads and started myself two weeks ago.
Im finding brekkie the most difficult as a toast, marmalade and tea girl but ive already felt the consequences of slipping and am now a master of the omlette.
Sorry to hijack the thread but good recipes?ive googled and looked though past threads but what i would really like is a decent alround book.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 18, 11:51pm
Your library might have low carb cookbooks by Dana Carpender.

There's a long-running low carb recipe thread on here that I'll bump up for you.
And then there's our website which I'm not allowed to give you the url for.

davidt4, Feb 10, 4:44pm
taniajane - do a Google search for - low carb cooking in style -, and look for a NZ site that has a home page with a black background.That's the site that many of us like best.