GF shopping list & receipes? Where to start?

angels_halo, Jan 16, 2:48am
I need to eliminate gluten from my diet, but have no idea where to start? Any ideas would be much appreciated as its quite overwhelming :(

davidt4, Jan 16, 3:43am
I second Bedazzledjewels' advice to you in your thread in Health & Beauty.The simplest way to eat gluten-free is to eat unprocessed fresh foods - meat, fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruit and dairy products and toavoid grains, especially wheat.Avoid convenience foods like simmer sauces.If you buy special GF baked goods it will be a very expensive exercise, not very satisfying, and will just delay the mind-shift that you need to make in order to live gluten free over the long term.It is much simpler to become completely grain-free, and this has many extra health benefits.

angels_halo, Jan 16, 4:29am
Thanks I agree :)

angels_halo, Jan 16, 4:33am
Its more the cooking/baking ingrediant side of things and the hidden Gluten that poses more of an issue for me? What do they hide it under label wise?

evorotorua, Jan 16, 6:16am
Check out the Manufactured Foods Database online. It seperates into different allergies and then lists the foods that are free of that ingredient (at the time of publishing so it still pays to check the label). This will give you a great start to shooping at the supermarket.

evorotorua, Jan 16, 6:17am
PS It is a New Zealand site which is very helpful.

angels_halo, Jan 16, 8:30am
Thanks so much evorotorua. Will check it out shortly :)

angels_halo, Jan 16, 6:44pm
Thats an awewsome site evorotorua. Thanks heaps for posting it.:)

evorotorua, Jan 17, 2:59am
You're welcome. I was directed to this site through this message board too. Please remember to check the packaging as well though because things change all the time. All the best. Erica

karen156, Feb 11, 6:43pm
I have been Gluten Free for 4years now and both my children are as well. it pays to check all labels if you want baked goods i do it all myself and use rice flour from binn inn and to be honest my friends had some of it the other day not knowing it was GF and they really enjoyed it. the whole taste thing can be mind over matter. but there is so much Gf foods out there now.