What am I doing wrong???

toeblister, Mar 4, 5:34am
Can any of you wonderful cooks please tell me what I'm doing wrong... I have made at least 6 fruit cakes since christmas (Different ovens, different recipes) they always, always come out dry. I follow the recipe to the letter. Today the recipe said to cook for 2 to 2 1/2 hours, I pulled it out after 1/12 hours and still dry :(Is there someone who can put me right? My husband and I love fruit cake I'm determined to get it right! Thank you for any kindly advice.

cookessentials, Mar 4, 6:21am
Maybe try a different recipe. Try awooden cake box too, the cakes turn out beautiifully. You do not need layers of paper, just line with baking paper. They are made of kahikatea and believe me, the cakes are brilliant.

toeblister, Mar 4, 6:37am
Hi cookessentials where does one purchase a wooden cake box from? I have tried different recipes all to no avail. There must be a recipe out there that someone knows of that generally comes out well. Thank you for your reply.

winnie231, Mar 4, 6:39am
Once cooked - pierce the top of the cake repeatedly & pour over a little fruit juice or brandy.
Alternatively - store an apple in the container with the cake.

245sam, Mar 4, 6:50am
toeblister wrote:
Hi cookessentials where does one purchase a wooden cake box from?

toeblister, you should find a wooden cake box at any good kitchenware shope. g. Milly's or have a look at:-

http://www.cookwareessentials.co.nz/wooden-cake-20cm-p-408. h

Hope that helps. :-))

toeblister, Mar 4, 7:09am
Thank you so muchfor your reply everyone... ... . I shall have another go this weekend :)P. S. Does anyone have a good fruit cake recipe they would like to share. Not the dark fruit cake but a nice golden one. Many, many thanks.

korbo, Mar 4, 7:13am
are the cakes you are making, like a xmas cake mix, or just a plain type of fruit cake. is that what hubby likes.
like i make a big boiled fruit *cake*, *loaf*, and then my hubby likes the sultana cake that is boiled with water, then butter and sugar etc added.
hope i made sense

winnie231, Mar 4, 7:14am
Have a browse here:

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=15&t=627

korbo, Mar 4, 7:14am
check out the thread called station brownie cake. this could be what you want.

cookessentials, Mar 4, 7:21am
The cake boxes come with a recipe and I can vouch for it as I have tried the cake and it is really moist.

redrustie, Mar 4, 7:21am
The best fruit cake for no-fail moisture is the cranberry tea loaf, which you can add brandy to as well.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 4, 7:23am
Toeblister - I'm just on awe that you can eat through 6 fruitcakes since Christmas!
Hope you find the answer - the cake boxes sound really good, as does the brandy!

redrustie, Mar 4, 7:28am
500g craisins and raisins (or cranberries and raisins/sultana's/currants mixture) in a pot or saucepan with 2 cups of tea (you can add brandy if you want) and bring to the boil for 5 mins (i boil all the liquid into the fruit so no liquid left, if there is pour it off). Chop though 250g of butter until melted and blend 1½ cups sugar until dissolved, cool down. Beat in 1tsp each of lemon and orange rind and 3 large eggs. Gently fold in 2½ cups flour, 1 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp vanilla essence. Pour into a 22cm tin and bake at 180C until cooked (around 45-60mins). You can prick holes in afterwards and pour brandy but this is really yummy and moist without.

toeblister, Mar 4, 7:31am
Korbo the cakes I am making do suggest they are 'christmassy' as they have the mixed fruit and generally at least 6 eggs. I think I would like to now try the 'boiled' fruit cakes that I have heard people mention. Bedazzledjewels whilst I am 'over weight' we have not eaten all the fruit cakes I have made... . . in fact I don't think even the birds ate them lol.

toeblister, Oct 9, 2:01am
redrustie a big thank you to you for your recipe 'boiled fruit cake' Made your cake today and it came out beautiful! Hubby was really impressedthis is a keeper :)

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