Valrhona Xocopili...Dangerous!

cookessentials, Nov 29, 10:07pm
Oh man, I just bought in some Valrohna 72% xocopili chocolate they are great for sauces,especially with venison. However, I thought I would try one...if you like chili chocolate, you will LOVE these. They are 72% cocoa with paprika, espelette pepper and cardamom. Very dangerous for serious chocolate lovers LOL

lizab, Nov 29, 10:08pm
wow!! that sounds fab!!!

elliehen, Nov 29, 10:12pm
But what a name!Sounds like a new variant of E-coli or salmonella ;)

smileeah, Nov 29, 10:31pm
lol I'll say. Certainly didn't expect this thread to be about chocolate.

cookessentials, Nov 30, 12:19am
Sounds like axolotl which are salamanders! LOL They taste beautiful though, kind of bittersweet witha slightly hot peppery after taste.

andrea1978, Nov 30, 12:52am
yum!i love chilli chocolate!love cardamom too!where do you get them from?

cookessentials, Nov 30, 1:05am
You can get them from Sabato in Auckland.
I get mine from down our way, they are lovely to just suck on and being 72% with the added "kick" makes them very tasty

nfh1, Nov 30, 1:10am
LOL - I thought is was some new food poisoning bug!

Sounds delicious.

gardie, Nov 30, 5:06am
I find that chilli chocolate makes me feel very ill to the stomach - almost like throwing up.I love chilli and I love chocolate but have tried two different connoisseur chilli chocolates and both had the same effect.I generally have a cast iron stomach - anyone else had this problem?

vintagekitty, Nov 30, 5:09am
lol, I thought you had a bug as well

cookessentials, Nov 30, 6:34am
maybe you eat too much LOL

vintagekitty, Nov 30, 6:38am
maybe they are low carbing?

cookessentials, Nov 30, 6:43am
Seriously, no I cant say I have had a problem. These "pearls" are marble size pure 72% cocoa. They dont have chilli in them,but pepper,paprika and cardamom, they are spicy without being over the top

greerg, Nov 30, 7:06am
They do sound dangerous - I also love Shoc (?) chilli/lime chocolate.Probably better for me if they did make me ill but my stomach is truly cast iron.

cookessentials, Nov 30, 7:36am
Schoc chocolates are just down the road in Greytown

greerg, Nov 30, 8:02am
That's where I first found it Pam but have found a source here.Whew.

cookessentials, Nov 30, 8:15am
Well, that's ok then. I can always send it if required

gardie, Nov 30, 8:21am
One the first time and less than a 1/4 the 2nd!Could feel it coming on.

motorbo, Nov 30, 8:21am
they sound interesting cookes, im not a big chilli as in heat fan but i adore spice!!

bedazzledjewels, Dec 1, 2:43am
I like the idea of them added to a sauce for meat.
Thanks Cooks - Sabato is close by.

cookessentials, Sep 20, 5:01pm
You will enjoy them BJ and i would imagine, they would be pretty low carb for you. I found a lovely cervena recipe with a sauce using these pearls.