petal1955, Nov 26, 10:02pm
mascarpone. what do you think i could substitute this with? im currently doing the chicken breasts in wine in the slowcooker and later on i add it to make it creamy. first thought was cream but maybe cream cheese would be better?

Suggestions Please

Quotetipsy_bl0nde (11 )10:30 am, Sat 27 Nov #1
Lots of questions today - too tipsy to cook?

Quoteuli (567 )10:53 am, Sat 27 Nov #2
Uli that comment was uncalled for...........the purpose of this message board is for people to ask questions..........however inappropriate they may seem to you........backoff with those comments

EditDeleteQuotepetal1955 (131 )10:57 am, Sat 27 Nov #

uli, Nov 26, 10:30pm
ffo gnikcab ...

vintagekitty, Nov 30, 9:13am
lol, she is feral

valentino, Nov 30, 6:40pm
Why highlight these things.....especially with such tastes....

This thread is a pinpricking to it's obviousness, why do it, it only downgrades our messageboard immensely... and at this time of year.

V 1.


smileeah, Nov 30, 10:15pm
I must say as someone relatively new to this message board I initially found this kind of 'drama' mildly amusing. The more it rears its ugly head (which is fairly often I am coming to realise) the more I come to lose faith in these types of online 'meeting places', because people tend to say things here they would never in a million years say to a persons face, especially somebody they really don't know very well at all.

I don't know...I guess I was just raised different to some other people. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

I can't get my head around it to be honest.

kiwitrish, Nov 30, 10:20pm
I don't get it.Can someone please translate.

lizab, Nov 30, 10:32pm
I don't get it either ???

babytears, Nov 30, 10:36pm
I really don't get it either.... translation would be great...

cookessentials, Nov 30, 10:44pm
As I read it, tipsy_blonde asked a question, to which the reply from uli was "too tipsy to cook"

to which petal took offence and uli then replied
"ffo gnikcab" which is basically "backing off" backwards.

valentino, Nov 30, 11:22pm
Exactly !!!!

So why start a thread highlighting this and making it so obvious for others to read....

Look, it is great to pat various ones in the right manner but to bring this out into the open is (too me anyway, and that is me, I'm not to scared to say this) is really "PINPRICKING", (Like - I'm going to get you style) and I personally don't like this as such, Fullstop.

dezzie, Nov 30, 11:29pm
lordie, it was obviously a quip at "Tipsy"_Blondes name, if she wasn't worried, why the heck did anyone else worry, tipsy has probably only heard that comment daily when she posts on the messageboard, and obviously HAS a sense of humour or she wouldn't have chosen that for a name.

davidt4, Nov 30, 11:34pm
Agree.Voted off.

kirinesha, Nov 30, 11:53pm
Thanks Dezzie, saved me typing exactly the same thing.

motorbo, Nov 30, 11:58pm
its probably because of other things that have happened but im not going into that here

nfh1, Dec 1, 12:02am
I just think these threads are funny - I love the rudeness shown on these boards sometimes and find it fantastic that someone would sit down and type something rude, offensive or mean.

I remember when I was having tests for colon cancer (both my parents have cancer) recently and had to have a colonoscophy and asked for help with the clear soup I could have because I could not have food.One of the above posters voting off this thread postedthe following:

"One day is hardly going to kill you."

I thought that was particularly mean - but as in real life there is always one.

Uli was most helpful to me in my clear soup thread by the way!

elliehen, Sep 20, 11:18am
You can post a "joke" safely in the "Recipes Circle of Friends" thread.

When you try to be witty or or try to amuse there, everyone knows for sure it's being done in the right spirit :)