Chai Latte

seedy4, Oct 11, 1:41am
I have recently discovered this drink and am preferring it to coffee.

In the cafes it is made with syrup but in the supermarket I can only find tea bags.

Can someone tell me how to make it like the cafes and also if you can buy the syrup/
Many thanks

cookessentials, Oct 11, 1:44am
You can buy the syrup...made by "Monin" you can also get a powder which IMO is far nicer and not so sweet, but for me, the BEST is TLeaf Tea "Chai" tea which is a black tea with star anise, cardamom pods make the brew in a saucepan with milk on the stove - hence Latte-although it is NOT a coffee. Or you can also make it with water and add milk. This is a "true" chai rather than a sweetened,flavoured syrup. I am not sure where you get the powder from though. There used to be a cafe' in Mairangi Bay ( where I once worked) that made theirs with the powder.

pinkhorsebabe, Oct 11, 3:56am
There a syrups for sale on here

nauru, Oct 11, 6:02am
Countdown or Woolies sell Arkadia Chai Tea powder for around $6. It's much nicer than the Monin syrup which I find too sweet.I use the spice one, in the darker box, just make it with hot milk, frothed if possible.

cookessentials, Oct 11, 6:45am
Arcadia is the first one on the links I have given above.

ribzuba, Oct 11, 8:19pm
you can make your own at home aswell, saute ginger, star anise, cinnamon, which ever aromatic spices you like, then add milk and honey and remove the spices et voila

bcnd, Oct 11, 8:29pm
I brought some sachets from the home and garden show. They are GeeBees Brand. Chai Gold. Really nice.

seedy4, Oct 12, 7:34am
Thanks heaps everyone - I shall print this off and take it to the supermarkets with me.

uli, May 25, 8:00am
As in fry in butter?